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I began my travels in the vicinity of Barnaul back in 2012. However, it was only in May, 2014 that it occured to me that I can put it to a greater use by taking a camera with me. So, that year alone, I’ve ended up taking several thousands (sic.) shots (of nature and otherwise), though perhaps as much as 90% of them is too low in quality and of little value. The ones I’ve uploaded, while by no means perfect, are still among those I consider the best of my work so far.

As of this writing (2015-07-29), I’ve made 22 individual trips in 2015, of which two were in March, 5 were in April, 5 in May, just two in June (due to technical issues), and eight so far in July.

The intent of my work is to provide a photographic record of life in the vicinity of Barnaul – such as one which could be useful for phenology studies, or for the projects like Bloom Clock (at Wikiversity.)

Feel free to make your suggestions at the talk page. I cannot promise I’ll heed them, but I’ll try my best to rectify the issues found.

This work takes time, effort, and good old plain money. Thus, while I’m still somewhat unfamiliar with the software at the least, I’ve created a Bitcoin address – 1Ado4wPtLax9xqum3zsQzjMcE71AsfDb2S – so that those interested could support my work. Being a thoroughly public system, Bitcoin allows anyone to access the full history of transactions, so feel free to check how well it goes on via, or by installing some Bitcoin-specific software (such as the Electrum Bitcoin client, or a full-weight Bitcoin node implementation.)

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