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I work on a PD-book (in Danish) about corsets. Gallery

Image:Uspatent39911 1863.png|left|thumb|50px|1863

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Salon d’été 1886 Category:Half-timbering Category:Health and beauty by Caplin Category:Henri Gerbault Category:History of Denmark Category:History of brassieres Category:History of corsets Category:Hobble skirt Category:Hoop skirt Category:Hoop skirts Category:Hoopskirt Category:Hopscotch Category:Hourglass corset (Victorian) Category:How To Take Measurements Category:Illuminated Letters Category:Images by Haabet Category:Inner Belt Category:Invigorator Corsets Category:Jump rope Category:Karen Category:Karenni people Category:Kayan Category:Kayaw people Category:Kollmann - Plastische Anatomie Category:L'Estomac et le Corset Category:L'éducation Physique Féminine Category:Labret Category:Labret piercings Category:Le Corset (1905) Category:Le Corset (1908) Category:Le Corset - Fernand Butin Category:Le Corset de Toilette Category:Le Furet Category:Le Mannequin Category:Le corset (1900) Category:Le corset a travers les ages Category:Liberty bodice Category:Line art Category:Line art of animals Category:Line art of plants Category:Line art of sailboats Category:Line art of women Category:Line art of women in corset Category:Line art of women in straight fronted corsets Category:Long Necked Karen Category:Lordosis Category:Makonde Category:Man in corset Category:Mangbetu Category:Men's corsets Category:Men of Papua New Guinea Category:Metal corsets Category:Milanau Category:Monograms Category:Muffs Category:Myanmar Category:National costumes of Denmark Category:Necklaces Category:New Look Category:Néos Category:Ocainas Category:Okaina Category:Opera dresses Category:Oscar Kraus Category:Oxcart Category:Padaung Category:Pair of stays Category:Panniers Category:Parts of corsets Category:Peoples of All Nations Category:Permanent corset treatment Category:Petticoats Category:Photographers from Burma Category:Photographers from Sarawak Category:Post-Edwardian long line Category:Pregnancy Category:Pruning Category:Puff sleeves Category:Rainal Frères Category:Rattan corsets Category:Red Karen Category:Respiration Category:Roxey Ann Caplin Category:Sanitary towels Category:Scarification Category:Scene kids Category:Science of Dress Category:Shallow breathing Category:Shoulder brace Category:Shoulder braces Category:Shoulder corsets Category:Silk in satin weaving Category:Skipping rope Category:Skønvirke Category:Smoking boys Category:Spencer Company Category:Spirella Category:Spirella (1933) Category:Spirella 1924 Category:Stays Category:Stebbing Category:Stomachs in art Category:Straight fronted corset patents Category:Straight-fronted corsets Category:Stratz - Die Frauenkleidung Category:Stratz - Die Körperpflege der Frau Category:Stretched ear lobes Category:Stretched shoulders Category:Sunshades Category:Suspender Category:Syncretism Category:Tables of measurements Category:Testut — Traité d'anatomie Category:The Family Doctor Category:The Tailor-Made Girl Category:The Tribes Of Burma Category:Thomson's corset Category:Thomson's glove fitting corset Category:Tightlacing Category:Toleration of the corset Category:Topless women with leg tattoos Category:Trifolium repens Category:Typhoid fever Category:Uitoto Category:Underwear Category:Upper-class Category:Veils in art Category:Victorian porno Category:Vignette Category:Visceroptosis Category:Warren Featherbone Company Category:Wasp waists Category:Women in corset Category:Women in corsets Category:Women in stays Category:Women in straight fronted corsets Category:Women of Papua New Guinea Category:Women with face tattoos Category:Women with labret piercings