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At Lohagad Fort, Maharashtra(Western Ghats)


Hey ! My name is Ashwani Kumar and this is my Wikipedia user page. I go by nickname 'hAdez', which was inspired by hades, the mythological Greek God of Hell. According to the Hindu Mythology, Ashwani Kumar, the twin brothers, were doctors of the Gods. (but I am far from the Hindu mythological meaning of my name)


I am a graduate in Civil Engineering from IIT Delhi; half-MBA from the same place ( formally speaking, I got a minor in Business Management ). I have lived a life of a full-time gamer and movie-buff. Later on, worked in insurance industry and served as a government employee in rural Maharashtra(Konkan) and Punjab(Malwa). Then left everything (in search of salvation) and travelled around many states. I am a wanderer by heart. I love traveling and trekking, and photography. I have visited 31 Forts in this expedition so far; the treasure hunt has still bore no fruit ! Currently I am pursuing Masters in Public Administration. I am 25 and I think thats quite a lot of burden on young shoulders(pun intended) !

Online Contributions[edit]

Besides contributing on Wikipedia, wikicommons, I own 3 websites (including 1 blog).

The Rising[edit]

Politically, I believe I am a centrist. That is also the safest place, away from the left and the right, the socialist and the capitalists, the moderates and extremists, the fabians and the gandhians... safe ! Although that does not mean neutral - not at all. Political neutrality is a luxury enjoyed only by God. All others, who think they are, I believe, neutral are actually unaware and ignorant.

I started writing 'the rising' in the year 2011 - the eventful year. It started with the Arab Spring; Tunisia was free already, this year saw liberation of Egypt and Libya. The contagion spread to many other states - Israel, Russia, Brasil, South America, United States of America, European nations, South East Asia and ..India too. It seems the entire governance system is in anarchy, everywhere. The rise of civil society will surely bring a change, but it should be much bigger than just a bill here and there. The rising is inevitable... The blog is about the political/administrative/economical/environmental/social happenings in and around India.


RBI Grade B Exam papers[edit]

One of the pictures taken by myself on Kasauli trek

I create the site exclusively for sharing the resources I painstakingly found about the exam for recruitment of Grade 'B' officers in Reserve Bank of India. I usually get no time for visiting the site often. Site is hosted at google sites.


Ashwani Kumar's Photographic Experience[edit]

I created this website to share from own Photographic experience. The pictures might be lacking the kind of richness usually expected as they are shot from a 3.2 Megapixel camera phone(cybershot). The site showcases pictures in a slideshow format.


Contact me[edit]

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