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James Hare at I Love To You edit-a-thon, 2015-02-14.jpg

My name is James Hare. I have been around since 2004, primarily on the English Wikipedia. I am based in Washington, D.C. and I am on the board of directors of Wikimedia District of Columbia, a regional Wikimedia chapter. I am also a current grantee of the Wikimedia Foundation, working on WikiProject X, a project dedicated to improving the WikiProject experience (first on English Wikipedia and then elsewhere). I planned Wikimania 2012 along with some very awesome people. My interests include open government data and fluffy dogs. And them's the facts!

This is my global user page, hosted on If you would like to send me a message, go over to my Meta talk page and I will respond to you there. Chances are, you are reading this on a wiki where I don't monitor my local talk page that much (unless you're reading this on Meta!).


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