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The information here is quite outdated. Now I not too active in Wikipedia. And I work for the IBM spin-off Kyndryl.

I am Arpad Horvath, a Hungarian Wikipedian, teacher of mathematics and physics, professor assistant at the Alba Regia University Centre of Obuda University.

My works at here are mainly at CERN, Large Hadron Collider and Székesfehérvár (my hometown). And Hungarian picture of the day.

Rólam About me Über mich
Magyar Commons kezdőlap

Arpad Horvath, Hungary,

Some pictures made by me. Usually with GIMP or xfig source. I made them mainly for (Hungarian) Wikipedia. It is GNU_FDL. Mainly physics and astronomy.

Recently I made some SVG pictures with Inkscape, I like SVG very much. (See my contributions here at Commons.)

About my studies and work