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This page is about Iftekhar Hussaini (disambiguation). For other uses, see Hazaralive (disambiguation).

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In 1975 my father IQBAL ALI HUSSAINI moved from AFGHANISTAN to IRAN for work. In 1977 my father moved to PAKISTAN worked for long time once my father's Brother come to PAKISTAN look for my father and he founded him. In 1982 my father and his Brother Opened First Hotel in AFGHANISTAN and IRAN' bored for along time still 1999 he work then for my family to live in my paces but my father did not leave his job.

In 1994 when i born my father was with me. when i was about 4 year my father leaved me went to IRAN i got sick for my Father because i love my father very much then he have no choice to come back.

In 25/9/1999 my father leave for AUSTRALIA after 3 months he rice to AUSTRALIA 1 month in Comps.

In 2000 he got free New year time after 4 Year he got his forever AUSTRALIAN VISA.

(1) 2009 IFTEKHAR HUSSAINI Created First ever Website Call HAZARA ALIVE (2) 2009 HAZARA LOVER (3) 2009 IFTEKHAR HUSSAINI WORDPRESS (4) 2010 SHEPPARTON SUPER DETAILING & HAND CAR WASH (5) 2010 General Musa Khan Hazara

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