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This file is missing the required statement, explaining why the photograph is public domain in the United States (usually using one of the [[Commons:Copyright tags#Non-U.S._works|Non-U.S. works copyright tags tags]]). However in order to add this statement, publication date is required but not supplied. Further per [[Commons:Deletion requests/File:Hammel Sygehus 1960.jpg|conclusion of this deletion request]] (and upheld [[Commons:Deletion requests/File:Hadsten-Kommunekontor-1962.jpg|here]], [[Commons:Deletion requests/File:Vinterslev-skole-1937.jpg|here]] and [[Commons:Deletion requests/File:Ib Gerner Ibsen.png|here]]), photographies with {{tl|PD-Denmark50}} must clearly state (and prove beyond a significant doubt), that the photo has been published before {{date|1989|03|01}}.

Authors rights in Denmark[edit]

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basic upload (da)

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|Description={{en|bla bla bla}} {{da|bla bla bla}}

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{{Denmark no consent|author=[[User:Heb|heb]]|uploader=[[User:Heb|heb]]}} {{Personality rights}} {{User:Heb/Licenseplate}}

== {{int:license-header}} ==

[[Category:Photographs by User:heb]]


|Author=Ineligible. SVG-version by {{User:Heb/Author}}.
|Permission={{tl|Trademarked}} {{tl|PD-textlogo}}




[[Category:Illustrations by User:heb]]
[[Category:Adaptions by User:heb]]
[[Category:Transferred by User:heb]]


{{Retouched picture|1=Desaturated on all colour channels except green and red, enhanced contrast and applied strong S on curves for detail, mood and artistic effect|editor=heb}}


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DD.DD (Geohack): {{Location dec|57.648125|10.406194|type:landmark_region:DK-81_alt:?_heading:?}}
DDMMSS.SS (Geohack): {{Location|57|38|53.25|N|10|24|22.30|E|type:landmark_region:DK-81_alt:?_heading:?}}

region (DK  · WLD):
DK-81: Nordjylland
DK-82: Midtjylland
DK-83: Sønderjylland og Fyn
DK-84: Østsjælland & Bornholm
DK-85: Vestsjælland

type types @ en:Template:Coord


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Panoramio vs. Flickr[edit]

Place Coordinate Panoramio Flickr Google Maps Yahoo! Maps MapQuest
Copenhagens Citadel
Københavns Kastel
N55.691278 E012.594624 Panoramio Flickr Google Maps Yahoo! Maps Mapquest
Frederikshavn N57.440475 E010.538474 Panoramio Flickr Google Maps Yahoo! Maps Mapquest
Northern Dune
Raabjerg Mile
N57.648685 E010.407872 Panoramio Flickr Google Maps Yahoo! Maps Mapquest
Nuuk, Greenland N64.17098 W051.71939 Panoramio Flickr Google Maps Yahoo! Maps Mapquest
Thorshavn, Faroe Islands N62.00279 W006.76682 Panoramio Flickr Google Maps Yahoo! Maps Mapquest

(da:Bruger:Hebster/Panoramio vs Flickr)

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