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Inscriptions by designation[edit]

(As of 2009-05-11, there were 438 files in Category:Runestones, Uppland)

U 1-100[edit]

U 101-200[edit]

U 201-300[edit]

U 301-400[edit]

U 401-500[edit]

U 501-600[edit]

U 601-700[edit]

U 701-800[edit]

U 801-900[edit]

U 901-1000[edit]

U 1001-1100[edit]

U 1101-1200[edit]

Other designations[edit]

U Fv[edit]

"Fv" stands for Fornvännen, a Swedish journal for archaeology where these finds were first published. The figures are the year and the page number of the publication.

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