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Hello there. I would like to inform any party interested in the illustrations I make, they are created using CorelDraw software. Thus, if you are interested in vector *.cdr files (for any reasons, perhaps you want to modify them or translate text) please send me a message and I will send you the files you want.

Всі зображення, що я роблю, зроблені в CorelDraw, тому в мене є вихідні векторні *.cdr файли. Пишіть мені, якщо вам вони потрібні, я надішлю.

Useful stuff: Lab

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Vernadsky Research Base logo
National Antarctic Scientific Center of Ukraine
Wiki puzzle construction
Graph project hero
Graph project thanks uk wiki
Ribose ring in C2′endo and C3′ endo conformation
Lady-in-red logo (for Ukrainian wikipedia)
Cloning diagram ukr
DNA base pair parameters (own work)
DNA paternity testing en (own work)
Kinetochore attachment
Microtubule structure Ukr
Link it (own work)
CircRNA (own work)
Bio project week 3 no slogan (own work)
Biology project week 3 (own work)
Juno infographic v5 ukr
Propagation of action potential along myelinated nerve fiber (own work)
Processing of mRNA (own work)
Presentation ESPC 2015 in Ukraine-ukr (own work)
Presentation ESPC 2015 in Ukraine (own work)
Angel atop St. Lawrence's Church, Zhovkva (own work)
Massandra palace at sunset (own work)
Sources of information (own work)
Boim Chapel, inside, window (own work)
Cracked clock face at Vorontsov palace (own work)
No Freedom of Panorama in Ukraine (own work)
No Freedom of Panorama in Ukraine (square) (own work)
Science Photo Competition 2015 (own work)
Nucleosome organization ukr (translation)
Wikivoyage-Logo-v3-ukrainian (translation)
Blausen 0870 TypesofNeuroglia ukr (translation)
404 Goblet Cell new ukr (translation)
HindIII Restriction site and sticky ends vector (own work)
Action potential ukr (translation)
Biology project week 2 (own work)
Wikipedia Biology project logo (own work)
1319 Nerve StructureN ukr (translation)
Oculomotor nuclear complex (own work)
Cassini spacecraft instruments 1 ukr (translation)
New Horizons Pluto approach timeline ukr (translation)
DNA transposition (own work)
Outersolarsystem objectpositions labels comp ukr (translation)
Pluto and its satellites (2005) ukr (translation)
Orbit ukr (translation)
ThePlutinos Size Albedo Color2 ukr (translation)
Histone mRNA (own work)
Stellar evolutionary tracks-ukr (translation)
Follicle structure and connections (own work)
Endomitosis (translation)
Helix is a wonderful creature (own work)
NcRNA biogenesis (own work)
Bulge-helix-bulge BHB tRNA intron (uploaded)
1756-8935-5-4-3-l (uploaded)
Gb-2005-6-7-r58-3 (uploaded)
DNA transcription.svg.UKR translation)
Cap mRNA (own work)
Fgene-03-00132-g002 1 (uploaded)
Transposons - L1 and DNA (own work)
Transposons in human genome (own work)
LINE retrotransposon (own work)
Alu retrotransposon (own work)
X chromosome inactivation v3 (own work)
X chromosome inactivation site in mouse (own work)
Ion Channel (own work)
My works, some own-own works, others translated or uploaded, some are not listed here