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I'm retired, one of my hobbies is taking pictures. My role here so far is that I just have uploaded some pictures, using the automated feature. Thats all. I have no knowledge at all how to edit in wikimedia or in wikipedia. I got knowledge for this possibility by this -›article. Later on I plan to supply additional pictures. Some of the pictures taken by me can be seen at this -›Link. First of all I like to know, how to add/update my previous entries, e.g. to add geo location, category, information to a picture or making of. At least for this entry I had no problem to make an update. Now I see also that I have two of such entries, English and German, for the time being I leave both existent: Benutzer:Herbert_r User:Herbert_r It seems I made somewhere some selection, also with the result of: wikimedia: English wikipedia: German I also had to sign in twice (same ID/PW) to gain acces to both at the same time. You see, I'm still in the process of learning.