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Uploads and Re-uploads[edit]

Flags - own work[edit]





Ethnic flags of Europe

Flags - improved or copied from other wikis[edit]



Coats of Arms - own work[edit]

Air Force Roundels[edit]

Air Force Roundels - improved / re-uploaded[edit]

Self-taken Pictures[edit]

Other Stuff[edit]

  • People
  • 2nd World War




How can I rename/move an image or other media file?
Sadly, you can't at the moment, the software does not support that. If it's a very recent upload, please just re-upload the file under the correct name and ask for deletion of the old file, by putting something like the following on the description page of that file: {{badname|Image:new name.jpeg}} (if you're the original uploader) or {{duplicate|Image:new name.jpeg}} (if you're not the original uploader). Please also note that redirects from one image to another do not work correctly. There is currently a bug registered in order for this to be corrected in the future.
Gallery pages can be moved by logged in users by using the "move" link usually shown at the top of the page (this depends on the skin you use). Note that this feature may not be available to new users; if needed, just ask someone to do it for you.
How can I rename or move a category?
See Commons:Rename a category.


File:Flag of Azerbaijan Democtratic Republic.PNG