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Completed requests are available at User:Highway Route Marker Bot/Requests

Notice to requesters:

SVG template:

The SVG template file should have the text available as an editable object. It should already have all the properties you want, e.g. size, font, spacing.

Please be sure to use center justification, unless the road sign calls for something else.

Tip: Try various numbers to ensure the spacing is correct in all situations, 7s and 2s are particularly wide at the top and bottom, so try numbers like 77 and 22.

See Category:Highway shield templates for examples.


Please provide a comma separated list. Numbers, letters, and even words are allowed.

If you are requesting a sequence of greater than 100 images, please discuss the request with the relevant Wikipedia community first. Once you reach consensus, please provide a link to that discussion in the request.

Description & Categories:

The file description page will be taken from template. If that is not sufficient please indicate so in the notes.

Categories will also come from the template. If appropriate the images will be tagged as Category:Integers, e.g. Category:89 (number).