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I am the infamous lover in this town

My eyes, evil seeds have never sown.

Be kind and work hard and live happily

Disbelievers in our creed are hurt and down.

I asked the Master of the tavern to show me salvation

Asked for a cup, said keeping secrets alone.

Why should my heart watch the gardens of this world?

With my pupils picking the flowers that are shown.

Revering wine, I washed away my own image

Selfishness cannot be when the self-image is unknown.

It’s Your lock of hair that keeps me firm on the ground

Without the pull of love, everything would drown.

Let us turn away towards the tavern, from hence

Upon the deedless words of preachers one must frown.

From the Beloved learn to love what is good

Good company happens to be the ultimate crown.

Hafiz kisses only the bearer and the cup

Keep away from the hypocrite wolf in sheepish gown.