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Je contribue à Wikisource fr et j'importe essentiellement des scans de livres du Domaine public - j'ai aussi besoin d'héberger ou de modifier des images pour illustrer les textes. En particulier, je retouche et convertis des images (portraits) pour une meilleure intégration graphique dans le site.


I contribute to french Wikisource, and I mainly import scans of Public Domain books - I also need hosting for images edited from the books, or to illustrate authors. I especially convert jpg to png in order to get rid of the white background for better integration on pages.

Mes fichiers (en cours) [1] et bien mieux Commons:MyGallery

Pages de références[edit]



|Series title= 
|Image page= 
|OCLC= }}


{{Artwork |artist= |title= |description= |date= |medium= |dimensions= |institution= |location=<!--location within the institution--> |references= |object history= |exhibition history= |credit line= |inscriptions= |notes= |accession number= |source= |permission= |other_versions= }}

Template:Temporary Exhibition[edit]

{{Temporary Exhibition|name=|institution=|place=|begin=|end=|date=|cat=|as=|ill=|comment=|homecat=|linkback=}}



Template:Art Photo[edit]

{{Art Photo |artist= |title= |description= |date= |medium= |dimensions= |institution= |location=<!--location within the institution--> |references= |object history= |exhibition history= |credit line= |inscriptions= |notes= |accession number= |artwork license= |artwork= |photo description= |photo date= |photographer= |source= |photo license= |other_versions= }}


|depicted people= 
|depicted place= 
|object history= 
|exhibition history= 
|credit line= 
|accession number= 
|other_versions= }}

Template:Category definition: Object[edit]

<onlyinclude>{{Category definition: Object 
|image = 
|type = 
|artist = 
|title = 
|description = 
|date = 
|dimensions = 
|medium = 
|institution = 
|location =  
|accession number= 
|references = 
|notes = 
|homecat = {{subst:PAGENAME}} }}</onlyinclude>

Template:Object photo[edit]

{{Object photo

Templates Louvre[edit]

  • {{Louvre location|room ID=|object department=}}
  • {{Louvre number|1=}}
  • {{Louvre online|1=Atlas number}}

Icônes pour barres d'outils[edit]