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A lonely man from Hong Kong, my name's Dave.

My Profile[edit]

  • Nicknames: Dave
  • Nationality: Davian
  • Religion: Davianism
  • Interests: Daving
  • Expertise: Davement
  • Occupation: Daver
  • Industry: Daviation
  • Another name: Uehara Rinsaku
  • Date of birth: 17 September
  • Fav. music: Blues
  • Fav. food: Curry
  • Website: Davexblog

Warrior mode[edit]

List of the Battle skills of Rinsaku
Skill Effect Cost
Rolling Blade Damage single enemy 5
Lake Stepping Hastening for a while 5
Dancing in the Wave Damage several enemies 8
Pomp and Circumstance Freeze one enemy for a while 6
Devilling-wave Summon Leviathan and beat all enemies 12
Anger of the Ocean Deeply damage single enemy 10
Endless Stream-splashing Deeply damage several enemies 15
Summoning the Water-Fairy Affix water element in all attacks 7
Merge with the Sea's Will Defend all water attacks 7
Ultimate Tsunami Summon the strongest monster Jormungandrand beat all enemies with great power 20