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Copyright status on buildings and art in Trento[edit]

Here I'm trying to make a list of publicly accessible works in Trento for which copyright has expired, and a list of publicly accessible works in Trento for which copyright has not expired yet (thus requiring permission to upload photos of them on Commons). I'm adding info as I'm finding it, so this isn't an exaustive list (nor I pretend it to be accurate).

Unfortunately, there's no freedom of panorama in Italy, so even publicly exposed art and buildings are subject to copyright protection, which normally lasts for 70 years after the author's death.

It is my understanding (but I'm not a lawyer) that there are exceptions to this in the current italian law (as of 2009), expecially for works owned and paid by the public administration (i.e. the State, the Regions, and so on) and published in its name: copyright on such works should last for only 20 years after the first publication, unless there are other agreements taken with the author of the work.

In other words, to be on the safe side, consider 70 years after author's death. This basically means that no photo of modern buildings in Italy or modern works of art in Italy can stay on Commons without proper permission (i.e. an OTRS ticket by the copyright owner of the subject being depicted).

Also, I found no explicit exception in the italian law for faithful reproductions of bidimensional works. Commons makes an exception for this, provided that the copyright on what is depicted by the scanned photo is expired: Commons let you upload someone else's photo in this case without having explicit permission from the photo's author, on the basis that a faithful reproduction of a bidimensional work (such as a painting, but not its frame, which is tridimensional, nor coins, which are tridimensional) actually is the bidimensional work itself, thus if the copyright on the latter expired, no further copyright may be claimed on the former. Note that it's Commons making the exception, not the law, so you are on your own.


The ✓OK and X mark.svg Not OK status below is based exclusively on the author's death date. In particular, I don't know of a way to check if a certain architect actually claimed a copyright on the design of a building.

Works near Dante square[edit]

Monument to Dante Alighieri[edit]

✓OK The monument is by Cesare Zocchi (Florence, 1851 - Turin, 24 march 1922).

Memorial stele to Guglielmo Ranzi[edit]

Unknown. The stele (beside the monument to Dante Alighieri) has writing and a bronze plaque depicting Guglielmo Ranzi, who patronized the building of the monument to Dante Alighieri. I don't know the author of the bronze plaque (should it turn out to be Cesare Zocchi, the author of the monument to Dante Alighieri, it should be ok). The writing alone should be ok (just reporting facts).

Giant bamboo goose[edit]

X mark.svg Not OK The giant bamboo goose behind the monument to Dante Alighieri is a work of 2008 by the members of the Gruppo Amici Trentini di Bleggio, known in Italy for various giant works.

Bust of Giovanni Prati[edit]

X mark.svg Not OK The bust of Giovanni Prati ("G. Prati") is by Davide Rigatti (Trento, 1873 - 1968). Author's signature can be seen from behind, below the right shoulder of the bust.

Bust of Giovanni Canestrini[edit]

✓OK Bust by Andrea Malfatti (Mori, 1832 - Trento, 7 february 1917). The writing on the left side reports it is of September 14, 1902.

Bust of Giuseppe Verdi[edit]

X mark.svg Not OK The bust of Giuseppe Verdi is a 1913 work by Davide Rigatti (Trento, 1873 - 1968). See here

Bust of Giacomo Bresadola[edit]

Unknown. I have no info on the author.

Bust of Giosuè Carducci[edit]

Unknown. Work by T.Golfarelli.

Bust of Antonio Gazzoletti[edit]

Unknown. Work by E.Menapace

Monument to Francesco Eusebio Chini[edit]

X mark.svg Not OK. Work of 1939 by Stefano Zuech (Brez, November 5, 1877 - Trento, September 8, 1968). See [1]

Monument to Luigi Negrelli[edit]

Unknown. Can't find info on the author. Anyways, it looks like it has an early XX century style (note the use of "V" in place of "U"), so it's probably not OK. A photo can be seen here

Palazzo della Regione[edit]

X mark.svg Not OK Modern design (1954-1958) by Adalberto Libera (July 16, 1903 - 1963). Should investigate about exceptions for publicly owned buildings, since it is the seat of the council of the Region of Trentino-Alto Adige.

Train station[edit]

X mark.svg Not OK Built in 1936, by architect Angiolo Mazzoni (1894 - 1979).

The bust of Luigi Negrelli near the tracks is by Stefano Zuech (Brez, November 5, 1877 - Trento, September 8, 1968). See [2]

Mosaics at the entrance are dated 1848-50 by Cesarina Seppi.

Grand Hotel Trento[edit]

X mark.svg Not OK Built between 1938 and 1940, design by Giovanni Lorenzi (Lavis, 1901 - Trento, 1962).

Palazzina Liberty[edit]

X mark.svg Not OK. The peculiar building on the eastern side of Dante square, formerly an hotel and then head office of the Società Industriale Trentina (S.I.T), has been built in 1920 by master builder Pio Giovannini. Design is by architect Marco Martinuzzi (Murano 1877-Trento 1949).

Imperial Hotel Trento[edit]

✓OK (exterior). On the northern side of Dante square, It has been built in 1873-75 by Francesco Ranzi (1816 - 1882). Expanded in 1898 on left with a terrace and a garden by architect Emilio Paor (1863 - 1935), and in 1920's on the rear on a project by Mittempergher. Since 1956 it is the seat of the Province of Trento council.

Inside, works of art in the Depero salon (dated between 1953 and 1956 by Fortunato Depero), art by Dario Wolf (Trento, December 3 1901 - July 29 1971) and art by Othmar Winkler (Brunico, 1907 - Trento, 1999) are not ok, unless an exception for works commissioned and paid by the public administration can be applied (works commissioned by the Province of Trento?).

On the outside, in the garden, the bust of senator Enrico Conci is not ok (work of 1987).

Other works[edit]

Building of the Engineering faculty of the University of Trento[edit]

X mark.svg Not OK Modern building (1990's), by architect Giovanni Salvotti, still alive as of 2007.

Palazzo delle Poste[edit]

X mark.svg Not OK Palazzo delle Poste (in Calepina street) is a modern building (1929-1934) by architect Angiolo Mazzoni (1894 - 1979). It incorporates some rests of Palazzo a Prato (XVI century), which should be ok (a portal, the courtyard, a triple window (trifora) above the courtyard). The beautiful fresco "Ricevimento di tre Cardinali" (1933) on the southern side is a work by Luigi Bonazza (1877-1965), thus it requires permission.

Monument to Alessandro Vittoria[edit]

X mark.svg Not OK The monument, located in the Alessandro Vittoria square in front of Palazzo delle Poste, is dated 1909, by sculptor Eduardo Rubino (1895-1955). The basament of the statue is by Giuseppe Dalle Aste (1895-1917) and Davide Rigatti (Trento, 1873 - 1968).

ITAS building[edit]

X mark.svg Not OK Located at east of Palazzo delle Poste, it's a modern building (1952) designed by architect Efrem Ferrari.

Fountain in Largo Porta Nuova[edit]

X mark.svg Not OK While the fountain is quite simple (just a large concrete round basin with jets of water towards the center), the horse sculpture at the center is by Eraldo Fozzer (Trento, June 13 1908 - 1995).

Building in Largo Porta Nuova[edit]

X mark.svg Not OK Modern building with a giant relief of a legionary on its eastern side. The legionary is another work by Eraldo Fozzer (Trento, June 13 1908 - 1995).

Statue of woman in Cesare Battisti square[edit]

X mark.svg Not OK The statue, which is on the corner of a building on the northern side of Cesare Battisti square is by Eraldo Fozzer (Trento, June 13 1908 - 1995).

"Fiore lunare" in Cesare Battisti square[edit]

X mark.svg Not OK A modern (October 9, 2002) abstract sculpture on the western side of Cesare Battisti square, by Cesarina Seppi (still alive in 2002).

Galleria Garbari[edit]

X mark.svg Not OK A gallery linking Giannantonio Manci street with the northwestern corner of Cesare Battisti square. Design by architect Marco Martinuzzi (Murano, 1877 - Trento, 1949).

Mausoleum of Cesare Battisti[edit]

X mark.svg Not OK The mausoleum (on the top of Doss Trento) has been built in 1934 by architect Ettore Fagiuoli (Verona 1884 - Verona 1961). On the other hand, it is an italian national monument (Kingdom of Italy law #468, April 2 1922, decreting the construction of a monument to Cesare Battisti in Trento), so perhaps there could be specific exceptions.

The bust of Cesare Battisti inside the mausoleum is one of the early works of Eraldo Fozzer (Trento, June 13 1908 - 1995). Apparently, Fozzer also made a copy of that bust for Benito Mussolini (don't know where it's currently located).

Monument to Alcide Degasperi[edit]

X mark.svg Not OK The monument (in the gardens of Venezia square) is dated 1956 by sculptor Antonio Berti (San Piero a Sieve, 1904 - Sesto Fiorentino, 1990), commissioned by the Christian Democracy party. I'm not sure about its status of italian national monument.

The monument has a (currently out of order) fountain on its back with the coats of arms of the twenty capital cities of the regions of Italy. Still a work by Antonio Berti.

Palazzo della Filarmonica[edit]

✓OK Located in Giuseppe Verdi street, it has been built between May 1904 and May 1905 by architect Emilio Paor (1863 - 1935). Status of art inside (busts of Gioacchino Rossini and Giuseppe Verdi, paintings) is unknown.

Fountain in via Francesco Petrarca[edit]

X mark.svg Not OK A modern (1990?) fountain located in Francesco Petrarca street, at the corner with Jacopo Aconcio street, by artist Riccardo Schweizer (Trento, 1925 - sill living in 2003). See signature "Schweizer '90" on the fountain. On the other hand, the little fountain on its side definitively appears to be much older (similar to other XIX century fountains in Trento).

Church of the S.S. Sacramento[edit]

✓OK Located in Corso 3 Novembre, it is a church built between 1912 and 1926 by architect Emilio Paor (1863 - 1935).