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en wp[edit]

en wp account


Symbol keep vote.svg Keep = {{vk}} Pictogram voting comment.svg Comment = {{comment}} Symbol delete vote.svg Delete = {{vd}}

2d political spectrum chart[edit]

"Blank" SVG version of the 2d political spectrum chart designed for use as an annotated image with overlay text in any language and is also more accessible.

  1. annotation markup code
  2. usage
  3. translation

=== Request for translation ===

After seeing the file [ 2d_political_spectrum.png], which has several derivative works translated to other languages, created a [ SVG image without any text and the code] to make it an [ annotated image with overlay text] so the file could be used in any language and is also more [ accessible]. Need [ translations of the code] so it can be used in all languages. --~~~~