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Hip hip hurra!
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Hi! I am Igiveup. Most of the time I upload photos of famous people, that I believe might be useful in the Wikipedia, Wikinews, or other similar projects. I am also interested in historical photos, especially those that has World War 2 as a subject.

On a few occations, I have made some mistakes regarding the copyright of the files that I upload. I try to be careful with what I am doing, but sometimes things get a bit complicated. I appriciate that the admins that has pointed out these mistakes to me, has always been very polite.

I've contributed to the following galleries:

Jose Rizal, Tirpitz, Muhammad, Pizza, Heinrich Himmler, Allan Simonsen, Schlesien (1906), Scharnhorst, Don Quixote, Category:Presidents of the Philippines, Admiral Hipper, Deutschland (1931), Muhammad, HIJMS Yamato, HIJMS Musashi, HIJMS Kirishima, HIJMS Kongo, HIJMS Akagi, HIJMS Soryu, HIJMS Kaga, HMS Hood (51), HMS Furious, HMS Ark Royal, HMS Prince of Wales, HIJMS Hiei, HMS Valiant, USS New York, USS Texas, Robbie Williams


  • Husk at tilføje nye billeder fra HMS Hood til Bismarck