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I give talks sometimes. Here are slides and (where available) recordings:




  • What can we learn from the Feminist movement? slides, video recording (Wikimania 2018)
  • What can we learn from the Feminist movement? slides (CEE Online Meeting 2020)
  • 101 Ways to Contribute to Wikimedia: on untapped potential slides (CEE Online Meeting 2020)
  • Libraries and Wikimedia: Natural Partners slides (Occupy Library 2020)
  • Wikimedia in the Service of Media Professionals slides (a public outreach talk aimed at teaching bloggers and journalists how to make the most of Wikimedia projects)
  • A Culture of Experimentation for Wikimedia slides (WikiArabia 2019)

Community Capacity Development material[edit]

I created a number of talks and training materials as part of the CCD program. Those are here: CCD materials

Other topics[edit]

Latin for Beginners 2020 Contra Pestilentiam[edit]

Below are video recordings of lessons in an online Latin for Beginners class.

  1. Lesson 001: Introduction and 1st and 2nd conjugation of present active verbs
  2. Lesson 002: Grammatical gender and case; 1st declension nouns and adjectives
  3. Lesson 003: 2nd declension masculine nouns and adjectives; apposition
  4. Lesson 004: 2nd declension neuters; adjectives as substantives; 'sum' in present indicative
  5. Lesson 005: Imperfect and Future tenses; -ne interrogatives
  6. Lesson 006: Imperfect and Future of sum and possum; complementary infinitives
  7. Lesson 007: 3rd declension nouns
  8. Lesson 008: 3rd conjugation verbs
  9. Lesson 009: demonstrative pronouns
  10. Lesson 010: 4th conjugation verbs and 3rd conjugation -iō verbs
  11. Bonus and review lesson A: review of Lessons 1–10
  12. Lesson 011: Personal pronouns
  13. Lesson 012: The Active Perfect, Pluperfect, and Future perfect
  14. Lesson 013: The reflexive pronouns, reflexive possessive adjectives, and intensive pronoun
  15. Lesson 014: i-stem 3rd declension nouns; Ablatives of Accompaniment and Manner
  16. Lesson 015: Numerals; Genitive of the Whole; Ablative of the Whole; Ablative of Time
  17. Lesson 016: 3rd declension adjectives
  18. Lesson 017: Relative pronouns and relative clauses
  19. Lesson 018: Present system passive forms for 1st and 2nd conjugation
  20. Lesson 019: Perfect system passive forms; interrogative pronouns and adjectives
  21. Lesson 020: 4th declension nouns; ablative of origin; ablative of separation
  22. Bonus and review lesson B: review of Lessons 11–20
  23. Lesson 021: 3rd and 4th conjugation present passive; introduction to English participles
  24. Lesson 022: 5th declension; Ablative of place where; summary of ablatives
  25. Lesson 023: Participles
  26. Lesson 024: Ablative absolute; passive periphrastic; dative of agent
  27. Lesson 025: Infinitives; Indirect statements (ACI)
  28. Practice and review lesson C: Review of lessons 21–23
  29. Practice and review lesson D: reading passages of chapter 23
  30. Practice and Review Lesson E: Review of lessons 24–25
  31. Practice and review lesson F: reading passages of chapter 24
  32. Practice and review lesson G: reading passages of chapter 25
  33. Practice and review lesson H: exercises and reading passages of chapter 25
  34. Lesson 026a: Comparatives and Superlatives; Ablative of comparison
  35. Lesson 026b: homework review and passages of chapter 26
  36. Lesson 027a: Irregular comparatives and superlatives
  37. Lesson 027b: homework review and passages of chapter 27
  38. Lesson 028a: The subjunctive mood; the present subjunctive; the jussive; purpose clauses
  39. Lesson 028b: homework review and passages of chapter 28
  40. Lesson 029a: Imperfect subjunctive; Subjunctive of sum and possum; result clauses
  41. Lesson 029b: homework review and passages of chapter 29
  42. Lesson 030a: Perfect and Pluperfect subjunctives; Indirect questions; Sequence of tenses
  43. Lesson 030b: homework review and passages of chapter 30
  44. Practice and review lesson I: review of lessons 26–30
  45. Lesson 031a: Cum clauses; Ferō
  46. Lesson 031b: homework review and passages of chapter 31
  47. Lesson 032a: Adverbs; volō, nōlō, and mālō; proviso clauses
  48. Lesson 032b: homework review and passages of chapter 32
  49. Lesson 033a: Conditionals
  50. Lesson 033b: homework review and passages of chapter 33
  51. Lesson 034a: Deponent verbs; Ablative with certain deponents
  52. Lesson 034b: homework review and sententiae of chapter 34
  53. Lesson 034c: passages of chapter 34
  54. Lesson 035a: Dative with adjectives; Dative with special verbs; Dative with compound verbs + Sallust from chapter 34
  55. Lesson 035b: homework review and sententiae of chapter 35
  56. Lesson 035c: passages of chapter 35
  57. ...