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Hello everyone!

You can reach me by email: shiyu AT

NEW: I maintain a collection of very high quality online lecture notes and textbooks for advanced mathematics.

I focus on math plot for Wikipedia. Below are some of my selected math plots:

Trapdoor permutation.svg Partial func eg.svg Ordinal ww.svg Max paraboloid.svg Complex multi.svg Vector add scale.svg Displace Map.svg Riemann curvature motivation shpere.gif Affine conn eg2.svg Cartesian transport.gif Weak field approximation diagram.svg Erlang dist cdf.svg Envelope cast.svg Snake lemma complete.svg Navier Stokes Laminar.svg Gradient Visual.svg Lebesgue Integration and Lower Sums.gif Polytropic.gif Isothermal GIF.gif Sine GIF.gif File:File:Expinvsqlau GIF.gif Derivative GIF.gif Logarithm GIF.gif TaylorCosCosEnhanced.svg Natural Logarithm Re.svg Complex sin imag 01 Pengo.svg