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These are files on Commons that I've created or edited. This page has been last updated on 21:52, 21 April 2010 (UTC).




Clip art[edit]

Image editing[edit]

These are derivative works based on free images created by others.

Panorama stitching[edit]

Panorama images I've stitched in hugin, based on photos by others.

Photo correction[edit]

Tilt, distortion and perspective correction using hugin and/or GIMP. This often also involves resynthesizing bits of missing background.


Restoration of old, damaged images. See also scanned engravings and background cleanup sections below.

Scanned engravings[edit]

These engravings, scanned by Adam Cuerden and, have been stitched together, rotated and/or otherwise cleaned up by myself.


Bitmap images (mainly scanned drawings) traced to SVG vector images, including some of User:Rama's human sexuality drawings. I primarily use Inkscape for the tracing, although I usually clean up the bitmaps in GIMP first. Some manually redrawn diagrams are also included below.

Background cleanup[edit]

Removal of unwanted background from photos and scans.

Watermark removal[edit]

I find the resynthesizer plugin for the GIMP to be an excellent tool for removing distracting text from photos.


Other retouched images that don't fit into any of the categories above.

Audio and video editing[edit]

Some audio/video edits I've done, mainly using Audacity and Avidemux. I've also converted a lot of files from non-free formats to Ogg Vorbis/Theora, but I'll only list those for which I did something more than just running them through oggenc / ffmpeg2theora.