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I am in Tian An Men

Imanuel NS

Firstly, I would like to thank you Wikimedia for giving me to introduce my self in front of you. Well, for making efficient our time. Let me begin now. I am Imanuel Nugraha Selaksa but you can call me Nuel. I was born and raised in Jakarta and my birthday is October 18, 1989. Now I live on Center of Jakarta. Two thinks I don't like Jakarta are traffic jam and very hot.

I have completed junior high school until senior high school from Marsudirini Jakarta. After I graduate fro senior high school,I have gone to China main land, over there I were studied chinese language of three semesters. First semester i were on chinese language and culture college of Huaqiao University in Xiamen, I love Xiaemn because Xiamen is the cleanest city in China.

Second semester I had moved to Beijing language and culture college in Beijing, because as we know in North China and South China has different pronunciation you can understand south China pronunciation, but if you learn south China pronunciation you can understand north China pronunciation.I lobe Beijing because so ancient and has a lot of story.

Third semester I had moved to Shanghai, because I want study Undergraduate at Donghua University and My major is Marketing, but I only one semester because I don't like Shanghai environment like the city and people. So I moved to Jakarta and I complete my undergraduate from Binus University in majoring Marketing Communication and I god Master in MBA program faculty major in management at Gaja Mada University.

My hobbies are watching movie, reading, travelling and airplane. If I become a pilot I can go round the world free and also the company pay me, but now is impossible because I have a diseases and already old. I hope one day is open travel business. That's about my self, Thank You.