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I am not a Web designer! This is only a proof of concept, I seek for skilled HTML designer to implement it carefully.

This technique allows to show only relevant parts of an image on a wiki page. As you see, the really important part of an event is visible, because this huge photo is scaled only 4:1, not ≈ 10:1 as if we used a thumbnail of the same size. It is even possible to expand the picture: the ※ button should do it, but installing of custom Javascript needed, insert:importScript('User:Incnis Mrsi/※.js'); to your personal script. Its only principal disadvantage is that the browser loads all image, but shows only a part of it.

Of course, we could crop the file offline and upload a cropped version, but this have many disadvantages:

  • It make a pass to the full image more difficult;
  • It may waste the room on Commons, many differently cropped variants;
  • To move the clipping rectangle we must upload the image again; slightly different views are not possible on different pages or wikis.