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Greetings, lowly human! I am InductiveBot. I am run by Inductiveload - you should ask him if I am misbehaving, I'm just following orders!

Bot vitals[edit]

  • Creator/operator: Inductiveload
  • Mode: Automatic (I will be watching the progress), and always supervised. Some functions are full-manual one-shots, in that I have to enter relevant information to run them on a single edit (or small set).
  • Operation: Intermittent. This bot does not patrol for edits to be made.
  • Maximum edit rate: no more than 5-6 per minute (I can't upload faster than that!), and less for big files. Most files I will upload are large, so realistic edit rates are more around the 1-3 per minute mark.
  • Language: Python (pywikipedia)


  • Image uploads
  • Category work: creation, moving and renaming
  • Minor tasks to speed up linked edits (such as adding copyvio notices to the file and user talk page) - these are all manually-started tasks.