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Welcome to my gallery. This is a collection of some images that I think are among my best. For a full list of my edits and uploads, please see my contributions. Please do not edit this page. If you would like to make a comment please do so on my Talk Page.

3D Mathematical Objects[edit]

2D Mathematical Plots and Diagrams[edit]

B-field of an array of wires



Binary Codes (Gray, etc)[edit]

Binary-Reflected Gray Coding Mask Natural Binary Coding Mask
BRGC Mask.svg Natural Binary Coding Mask.svg
See also US Patent 2632058 (Frank Gray)


At the moment (Oct 2007) the next three SVGs do not render correctly, as they use the Inkscape blur feature which is not supported. However, hopefully it will be soon.

Nuclear Physics[edit]



One second DTMF tones for all 16 keys (1-9, A-D, *, #).

1 2 3 A
4 5 6 B
7 8 9 C
* 0 # D


Spur Gears[edit]

Unwin's Construction of an Involute Spur Gear[edit]

Unwin's Construction is a method of drawing a close approximation to an involute gear tooth. There are 8 images in the series and a complete description of the method can be found on the page Unwin's Construction.


Computational Geometry[edit]

Delaunay Triangulation[edit]


Density Plots[edit]

These density plots are highly detailed and need to be veiwed at full resolution for best effect. The images here are half-size. The wavlegnth is 800nm, and the slit separation is 0.1mm.

Two Slits[edit]

The wave near the slits (0.15mm across by 0.075mm high). This is looking down at the the wave at t=0.

Two-Slit Diffraction (close up)

This the same area, but averaged over a full cycle, to reveal the finging pattern

Two-Slit Diffraction (close up average)

Further out (200mm across by 5 metres high). There are a lot of distortion and false patterns due to moiré and beat frequencies between the wave's frequency and the pixel/sampling frequency of the image/plotting.

Two-Slit Diffraction (distant)

Averaging over a full cycle reveals the simple fringe structure:

Two-Slit Diffraction (distant average)

Three Slits[edit]

Logos and Coats of Arms, etc[edit]


Other stuff[edit]

Integrated Circuits[edit]

Data Storage Devices[edit]