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A gallery of my choices from my many photos of New Orleans Mardi Gras & Carnival

Mother and Daughter, Mardi Gras Morning
Mardi Gras Morning in Marigny
Costumed street musician plays unusual Storh violin
Happy Muddy Gras: Post-Katrina Carnival tableau in flood damaged neighborhood
New Orleans Mardi Gras, 2006: Costumed revelers watching the Rex parade
Mardi Gras Day, 2003: Costumed musicians playing saxophone, trumpet, and trombone, French Quarter, New Orleans.
Brass band musicians and confetti, at Twelfth Night celebrations in New Orleans marking the start of the Carnival season. 6 January, 2003.
New Orleans Carnival, 2005: Golf cart floats with effigy heads of neighborhood characters, "Krewe of OAK" neighborhood parade.
New Orleans Carnival, 2005: A member of the "Bearded Oysters" dance troupe, "Krewe of OAK" neighborhood parade.