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A gallery of my choices among my many post-Hurricane Katrina photos. -- Infrogmation

Irish Bayou, Louisiana. Memorial to resident killed here in Katrina
Bucktown, Louisiana
St Bernard, Louisiana
ING 4727 barge in what had been a residential neigbhorhood of New Orleans
New Orleans Rising
Happy Muddy Gras: Carnival tableau in flood damaged neighborhood
FEMA Navidad: Post Katrina New Orleans Nativity Scene
Christmas wishes from the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans
Odoriferous defunct refrigerator on curb has graffitti critical of George W. Bush
1838 New Basin Canal lighthouse still standing after Katrina... barely. It collapsed days after I took this photo.
"New Orleans Is For Lovers"
Couple in protective gear embrace while taking a break from salvaging possessions from their formerly flooded, now mold infested, home.
"That Just Ain't Right"
House atop Ford F-150, Lower 9th Ward.
"Katrina bit this house":House in Lake St. Catherine, Louisiana was built raised high to avoid occasional great hurricane floods, but Katrina's terrible storm surge was higher still.
"After the levee breach": Smashed New Orleans house with refrigerator on roof and child's tricycle in yard
"Unhabitable". Doorway in formerly flooded Gentilly neighborhood of New Orleans
"Cat on a Cold Tin Car"
Door hangs from wire in flood devastated Lower 9th Ward residential neighborhood
Interior of storm surge damaged home, St. Bernard, Louisiana
"Cyclone Fence" New Orleans
Boat beached atop shopping cart on median of formerly flooded portion of Carrollton Avenue, New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.