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Hi, My name is neither "Inland" nor "Mamba". And neither "Inlandmamba". So you must be thinking why Inlandmamba then? When I first registered on Wikipedia I intended to use my real name, but I had a look at the names of other senior editors here and found that none of them were actually using their real names. I read the policy here of making usernames and therefore decided to make a name that would be different. The first thing that struck my mind was Snakes, as I am a big fan of them. Yeah, some people are against my so called hobby of collecting every article or picture on this topic i,e gathering all the information regarding snakes (preferably the deadly one's), but I have been into this hobby since my childhood. So I was telling about the creation of Inlandmamba. Well !!! among the most venomous snakes in the world I took out my two personal favorites the Inland Taipan and the Black mamba. I took the head of the first and tail of the second and wuala the Inlandmamba was born. The first cross breed of venomous snakes I guess :p

I am a Chartered Accountant by profession, and some of my editing has been in accountancy articles. However, this is a fairly small proportion of my total work on Wikipedia. I have a passion of technology and I am very curious about the latest technologies that are in the field. I had written some articles in the start to see how the Wikipedia practically works. Even though after some time due to a misunderstanding I got blocked earlier, but now I am back. I am and will try my level best to become a part of this community by helping out new comers and cleaning up some articles with what ever knowledge I have and I can find via reliable sources