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Rules and references[edit]


Mobile A2K[edit]





Downloading Wikimedia Commons images and make them accessible/visible on maps


  • Bathilde Maestracci‎

Checked if the ticket is mentioned in the discussion page.

  • ✓ Done [Ticket#2013050110009045] Permission Emiliano Gandolfi
  • ✓ Done [Ticket#2013040710003461] Permission Fabio Vanin
  • ✓ Done [Ticket#2011101310013458] Permission Lard Buurman
  • ✓ Done [Ticket#2011101310013458] Permission doual'art (two tickets merged - texts and images)
  • ✓ Done [Ticket#2013120710005882] Permission Malala Andrialavidrazana (public art produced within the SUD Salon Urbain de Douala)
  • ✓ Done [Ticket#2013120710005962] Permission Marcus Neustetter / The Trinity Session (credit: The Trinity Session)
  • ✓ Done [Ticket#2013120710005953] Permission Xandra Nibbeling (ICU art projects) (photos related to Douala, doual'art, Making Douala, PUB and CAIRE)
  • ✓ Done [Ticket#2013122110003106] Permission Ginette Daleu (public art, not artistic photos) - confirmation sent to permission.
  • ✓ Done [Ticket#2014050110011601] Wikipedia What is about (same ticket for Mike and Bini)
  • ✓ Done [Ticket#2014050110011601] Permission Bibi Benzo for Wikipedia What is about
  • ✓ Done [Ticket#2014050110011601] Permission Micheal Epaka for the Wikipedia What is about
  • ✓ Done [Ticket#2014060410006593] Permission Marta Pucciarelli for Mobile A2K and Douala
  • ✓ Done [Ticket#2013122110003053] Permission Aser Kash (Aser Kashama) (public art produced within the SUD Salon Urbain de Douala) - confirmation sent to permission.
  • ✓ Done [Ticket#2013122110003044] Permission Hervé Youmbi - confirmation sent to permission.

To confirm as soon as there is content online

  • [Ticket#2013122110003035] Permission Ivan Bargna
  • [Ticket#2013122110003099] Permission J. François Brulet
  • [Ticket#2013120710005935] Permission Jan Storm Janse van Rensburg
  • [Ticket#2013120710005917] Permission Annette Schemmel

Previous authorizations

  • Permission Lucas Grandin
  • Permission Roberto Paci Dalò
  • Permission Sandrine Dole
  • Permission Koko Komegné - a selection of paintings
  • Permission Christian Hanussek
  • Permission Lucas Grandin
  • ✓ Done [Ticket#2008120210020401] Permission Associazione Amici del Museo delle Grigne Onlus (compreso sito
  • ✓ Done [Ticket#2015042710012928] Permission Ecomuseo delle Grigne and all the documentation associated.
  • ✓ Done [Ticket#2006061310013127] Permission (incluso iStrike e

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Wikimania Esino Lario[edit]

Authorizations of the volunteers for images and content under cc by-sa [Ticket#2015042710012928]
Authorizations sent to the OTRS and you can find them here
Sentence to include in discussion page "The authorization to release under cc by-sa all content produced for Wikimania Esino Lario is at [Ticket#2015042710012928]. --iopensa (talk) 08:10, 28 April 2015 (UTC)"

Ecomusei della Lombardia[edit]

[Ticket#2015011510012901] for the following ecomuseums:

  • Ecomuseo delle Grigne
  • Ecomuseo di Parabiago
  • Ecomuseo tra il chiese, il tartaro e l’ozono
  • Ecomuseo Val Taleggio
  • Ecomuseo Urbano Metropolitano Milano Nord
  • Ecomuseo del territorio di Nova Milanese nel parco grugnotorto villoresi