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I am a Brit, now retired and sharing my time mainly between Denmark and Luxembourg where I have lived since 1973. Before that, I lived in Montreal, Canada. My principal interests are digitization of national libraries, museums and archives, multilingualism, machine translation, culture including digital culture, new energy resources, walking, cycling and exploring the quieter areas of Europe, in particular - but not exclusively - in Luxembourg, Denmark and France. I also try to encourage the participation of ordinary citizens in building up knowledge resources on the web. Wikipedia is a great catayst in this connection. Recent contributions to Wikipedia have related to articles on Kolyma, Dalstroy, Douarnenez, Møns Klint, Mamer, Råbylille Strand, Born, Mompach, Art of Denmark, Automotive crisis and many more.. My active languages are Danish, English, French, German and Spanish and I have a good passive knowledge of a few more. If you wish to contact me by email, write to my user name at yahoo dot com.