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This user comes from Iran.
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Mount Damavand
ای دیـوِ سپیـدِ پـای در بند
ای گنبدِ گیتی، ای دماوند

Oh white giant with feet in chains
Oh dome of the world, Oh Mount Damāvand
Category:Mount Damavand

Fara M. was introduced to Wikipedia in August 2005, but it took him quite a while to make his first Wikipedia edit on Feb 09, 2010, and Wikimedia contribution on Jan 16, 2011. He has since made around 500 contribution on Wikimedia and over 9444 edits in 48 projects of Global contribs,(as of 27 January 2018) including new uploads.
He also has made quite a bit edits on the other languages on Wikipedia, specifically Persian Wikipedia and English Wikipedia.

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