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===Ithaka Darin Pappas===

Self-portrait in Minas Gerais, Brazil 2001

I am a photographer specializing in portraiture, I worked for two decades in the Los Angeles area in the film and music industries. I lived several years in the jungle area of the state of São Paulo, Brazil photographing nature. I have also lived and worked in Portugal, Greece, Japan and Mexico.

I sometimes make my photographic art public domain as to be used on Wikipedia pages. The below list are examples of some of my photographs that I have uploaded to the Wikimedia project.

Wikimedia Commons Photographic Portrait Contributions[edit]

*Barron Claiborne (American photographer). Photographed in Los Angeles [2019].

*Boss AC (Afro-Portuguese hip hop artist)

*Brian Wilson (American musician, member of The Beach Boys)

*Chaz Guest (American painter). Photographed in Los Angeles [2019].

*Chris Pierce (American musician)

*Chuck Liddell (American mixed martial artist)

*David Onri Anderson (American visual artist & musician) - Los Angeles [2019]

*Dede Fedrizzi (Brazilian photographer and filmmaker). Photographed in Brazil [2019].

*Dimitra Galani (Greek singer). Photographed in Athens [1991].

*Dj Aladdin (American hip hop artist, producer and turntablist). Photographed in L.A. [1989].

*Dj Vibe (Portuguese Dj). Photographed in Lisbon [1994].

*Gabriel O Pensador (Brazilian hip hop artist)

*General D (Afro-Portuguese hip hop artist)

*Gonçalo Leandro (Portuguese curator)

Jay Adams (American Skateboarder)

Joe Fossard (British record producer)

*Keith Morris (American punk rock artist, member of Black Flag, Circle Jerks and Off!)

*L.A. Witch (female garage-rock trio)

*Maryam "May May" Ali (American boxer, comedian, activist and daughter of Muhammad Ali)

*Max Myers (American film director)

*Paul Polizzotto (American entrepreneur)

*Rajib Karmakar (Indian musician and educator)

*Ricky Powell (American photographer). Photographed in New York [2020].

*Scott Weiland (American rock vocalist). Photographed in Highland Park, Los Angeles [1994].

*Siba Giba (French-American musician and music producer)

*Takashi Murakami (Japanese artist). Photographed in Tokyo [1991].

*Thanos Mikroutsikos (Greek composer). Photographed in Athens [1991].

*WC (American hip hop artist). Photographed in L.A. [1989].

*Yadira Pascault Orozco (French-Mexican actress)

Other Wikimedia Commons Photographic Contributions[edit]

  • Contact High (exhibit exterior photograph)
  • WOA - Way Of Arts (museum exterior photograph)