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The big commons rules:

1. The so called Author is the one who cropped the pic!

2. You do not have to provide a Source, just say 'Internet', that sounds perfect[1]

3. Every thing has to be labeled as the own work ! Why? because it's the own work - of someone (in the mind of someone). This is right in every case of human work. So the information 'own' is useless hanging in the virtual air but has to be stated always! One could just and only tell the name of the one, this would be just clear but does not have tradition on commons. Own work was said in the early beginning - so you cannot change that, you have to do so until infinity. You agree?

This is own work!
He made it himself!
Got it'?

4. The 'Date'-field has always to be filled with the original upload date. Do not try to notice something like a creation-date, this would be stupid.

5. Do not use the Description-Field - just explain everything within the filename! (Examples)
5b. To do it right, use every kind of special Characters, you can find. (Like the real good passwords have)
5b2: Add a smiley as well (Example).

Since i'm not a native english speaker, everyone is encouraged to improve my writing (including typos) everywhere in commons, provided the meaning stays the same. It's a wiki!


Proposal for a quick&smart tagging instead of category-system

An other idea/important thing

Chromium Alum - side view1.jpg

Not answered Questions:

PH-! This user is able to take photographs!

  1. Not a joke, you can become a sysop somewhere by really insisting that 'Internet' is a good declaration of source.