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A new system for creating of keywords for searching should go somehow like this:
Reiterstandbild - Friedrich der Große - Südansicht.jpg
|Description    = *equestrian+statue of - *Friedrich+der+Große - southview. Location: *Berlin - *Unter+den+Linden ( Mittelpromenade )
( LDA ) Landesdenkmalamt - Berlin Dok Nr. 09060118}}
|Source         =
|Author         =Jimbo W.
|Date           =2011-11-11
|Permission     =Beer-License(only 1.4)
|other_versions =

  • marking with an asterisk * automagically creates at tag for seaching purpose (formerly known as category...)
  • + is for marking 2 or more sequently words

 * and + have to be not displayed after 'Save page', but they should remain in sourcetext for fast changes. (+ has to be displayed as Space).
(In rare cases the use of the markers conflicts with real text, simple escape literal like Slash / can go ahead)

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