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Polski: Na Wikipedii działam od 2012 roku i zajmuję się głównie ilustrowaniem artykułów moimi zdjęciami, oraz tworzę hasła dotyczące zabytków ziemi kłodzkiej. Poza tym poprawiam istniejące ilustracje do haseł, zawierające istotne wady. Preferuję kontakt za pośrednictwem GG 1903441 lub Skype jajacek24.
English: I have been active on Wikipedia since 2012; I'm mostly involved in taking pictures for use in articles, and in creating new articles about the Kłodzko area. In addition to that, I often fix existing photographs that are seriously flawed. I can be reached via GG at 1903441 or through Skype at jajacek24.

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For reaching the amazing number of 1000 quality images, I hereby award this Quality Image Barnstar to Jacek Halicki. Thank you and keep up your good work --Halavar (Diskussion) 09:50, 21 October 2014 (UTC)

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Vitruvian Barnstar Hires.png Der Technikerorden
Thank you so much for your wonderful improvements to my photographs of the Interurban Railway Museum and Leonard Pharmacy. I'm at nowhere near your level of ability when it comes to manipulating photos, so I really, really appreciate these major fixes. Please accept this barnstar as a small token of my gratitude. All the best, and thanks again! Michael Barera (Diskussion) 05:07, 5 January 2016 (UTC)

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4000 Quality images are just fantastic! Hubertl 10:57, 20 May 2016 (UTC)