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Tools Flickr[edit]

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Authorization requests Flickr


hi, I was searching photos for the Wikipedia article of <article>, and i've loved your pictures.
Are you interested in releasing the following pictures under Creative Commons-Attribution-ShareAlike (CC-BY-SA) license?

<Flickr links to images>

You can read about this Creative Commons license here:

In case you liked the idea, please open the photos and in the right bottom side, under "Additional Information" you will find "© All rights reserved (edit)", please click on edit and in the "Set a license for this photo" please choose "Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons", and repeat it for all <numberof> images.

PD: I need this license confirmation to upload the images in Wikimedia Commons servers; otherwise the system will recognized this images like fully copyrighted and refuse the upload.

Looking forward for your answer,


Authorization request template for Flickr images

(From User:Kved that I thank)

Authorization requests Flickr (for a image)

Hi, I'm a Wikipedia's User and I was searching photos for Wikimedia Commons, the image repository of all Wikipedias, and I've loved your pictures. Are you interested in releasing this picture under Creative Commons-Attribution-ShareAlike (CC-BY-SA) license?

You can read about this Creative Commons license here:

In case you liked the idea, please open the photo and in the right bottom side, under "Additional Information" you will find "© All rights reserved (edit)", please click on edit and in the "Set a license for this photo" please choose "Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons".

Please note that licenses with NC (non-commercial use only) or ND (no derivative works allowed to be created) are not OK on Wikimedia Commons (please see )

Only Creative Commons BY (Creative Commons Attribution license) or Creative Commons BY-SA (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike) ( please see ) are accepted.

PS: I need this license confirmation to upload the image in Wikimedia Commons servers; otherwise the system will recognized this image like fully copyrighted and refuse the upload.

Looking forward for your answer. Best Regards


P.S.: I'm really sorry if I bothered you. In case, please ignore this mail and accept my apologies.

Thank you for releasing this picture under Creative Commons BY-SA license.

You can see it at Wikimedia Commons:

(add link)

Kindly regards

Come posso evitare di caricare duplicati da Flickr?[edit]

Carico molte immagini prese da Flickr. Ogni volta prima del caricamento devo effettuare una ricerca per evitare di caricare duplicati, senza peraltro avere la certezza che l'immagine non sia già stata caricata. Come posso, prima di effettuare il caricamento, accertarmi rapidamente e definitamente che non è un duplicato? Esiste uno strumento specifico allo scopo? Grazie --Jacopo Werther 17:58, 11 May 2008 (UTC)

Anche senza uno strumento specifico è abbastanza semplice. Poniamo ad esempio che tu voglia caricare questa foto. Copi dall'URL il secondo numero, che identifica univocamente l'immagine su Flickr, cerchi quel numero col motore di ricerca interno di Commons e trovi questa: c'è già. Potrebbe non funzionare nel caso di foto caricate da poco però. Ciao! --Jaqen 18:24, 11 May 2008 (UTC)
Ti ringrazio infinitamente per i preziosi ed efficaci consigli. Mi hai semplificato enormemente la vita su commons. Grazie di cuore. Ciao --Jacopo Werther 18:47, 11 May 2008 (UTC)

Dati Exif e metadati[edit]

Extrema ratio[edit]

Could you do me a favor please?

Hi. I'm really sorry for my mistakes. My apologies. May I please ask you to delete my user page and my talk page because I'd like to close my Commons account. Thank you for your help.

Visible Earth equirectangular projection[edit]


Notes and references[edit]

General remarks:

  • The WIKIMEDIA COMMONS Atlas of the World is an organized and commented collection of geographical, political and historical maps available at Wikimedia Commons. The main page is therefore the portal to maps and cartography on Wikimedia. That page contains links to entries by country, continent and by topic as well as general notes and references.
  • Every entry has an introduction section in English. If other languages are native and/or official in an entity, introductions in other languages are added in separate sections. The text of the introduction(s) is based on the content of the Wikipedia encyclopedia. For sources of the introduction see therefore the Wikipedia entries linked to. The same goes for the texts in the history sections.
  • Historical maps are included in the continent, country and dependency entries.
  • The status of various entities is disputed. See the content for the entities concerned.
  • The maps of former countries that are more or less continued by a present-day country or had a territory included in only one or two countries are included in the atlas of the present-day country. For example the Ottoman Empire can be found in the Atlas of Turkey.

Entries available in the atlas[edit]

General pages
Atlas • Historical atlas • Index of the Atlas • Names in native languages

The world and its continents and oceans
Quick reference • Historical maps of the world • Old maps
Physical and topographical • Political • Geological • People • Time and time zones • Projections of the globe
Africa • North and South America • Antarctica • Asia • Europe

(History, European Union) • Oceania • Oceans

Administrative divisions • International organizations • Languages • Religions

Historical eras
Prehistory • Antiquity • Middle Ages • Rise of Islam • Early Modern Age • Early American Societies • Early Asian Societies • Age of Renaissance • Colonialism • Stielers Handatlas 1891 • 20th Century • World War I • World War II

Entities with undisputed sovereign status
Afghanistan • Albania • Algeria • Andorra • Angola • Antigua and Barbuda • Argentina • Armenia • Australia • Austria • Azerbaijan • Bahamas • Bahrain • Bangladesh • Barbados • Belarus • Belgium • Belize • Benin • Bhutan • Bolivia • Bosnia and Herzegovina • Botswana • Brazil • Brunei • Bulgaria • Burkina Faso • Burundi • Cambodia • Cameroon • Canada • Cape Verde • Central African Republic • Chad • Chile • China • Colombia • Comoros • Congo (Democratic Republic) • Congo (Republic) • Costa Rica • Côte d’Ivoire • Croatia • Cuba • Cyprus • Czech Republic • Denmark • Djibouti • Dominica • Dominican Republic • East Timor • Ecuador • Egypt • El Salvador • Equatorial Guinea • Eritrea • Estonia • Ethiopia • Fiji • Finland • France • Gabon • Gambia • Georgia • Germany • Ghana • Greece • Grenada • Guatemala • Guinea • Guinea-Bissau • Guyana • Haiti • Honduras • Hungary • Iceland • India • Indonesia • Iran • Iraq • Ireland • Israel • Italy • Jamaica • Japan • Jordan • Kazakhstan • Kenya • Kiribati • Korea (Democratic People’s Republic) • Korea (Republic) • Kuwait • Kyrgyzstan • Laos • Latvia • Lebanon • Lesotho • Liberia • Libya • Liechtenstein • Lithuania • Luxembourg • Macedonia (Republic) • Madagascar • Malawi • Malaysia • Maldives • Mali • Malta • Marshall Islands • Mauritania • Mauritius • Mexico • Micronesia (Federated States) • Moldova • Monaco • Mongolia • Montenegro • Morocco • Mozambique • Myanmar • Namibia • Nauru • Nepal • The Netherlands • New Zealand • Nicaragua • Niger • Nigeria • Norway • Oman • Pakistan • Palau • Panama • Papua New Guinea • Paraguay • Peru • Philippines • Poland • Portugal • Qatar • Romania • Russia • Rwanda • Saint Kitts and Nevis • Saint Lucia • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines • Samoa • San Marino • São Tomé and Príncipe • Saudi Arabia • Senegal • Serbia • Seychelles • Sierra Leone • Singapore • Slovakia • Slovenia • Solomon Islands • Somalia • South Africa • South Sudan • Spain • Sri Lanka • Sudan • Suriname • Swaziland • Sweden • Switzerland • Syria • Tajikistan • Tanzania • Thailand • Togo • Tonga • Trinidad and Tobago • Tunisia • Turkey • Turkmenistan • Tuvalu • Uganda • Ukraine • United Arab Emirates • United Kingdom • United States • Uruguay • Uzbekistan • Vanuatu • Vatican City • Venezuela • Vietnam • Yemen • Zambia • Zimbabwe

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Disputed subnational entities and territories
Bajo Nuevo Bank • Crimea • Falkland Islands • Kurdistan (Syrian) • Kashmir • Paracel Islands • Serranilla Bank South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands • Spratly Islands •

Subnational autonomous entities
Aceh • Adjara • Adygea • Altai • Andalusia • Aosta Valley • Aragon • Asturias • Athos • Azores • Balearic Islands • Bashkortostan • Basque Autonomous Community • Bonaire • Bosnia and Herzegovina (Federation of) • Bougainville • Brussels • Buryatia • Canary Islands • Catalonia • Chechnya • Chuvashia • Corsica • Dagestan • Easter Island • England • Extremadura • Flanders • Friuli-Venezia Giulia • Gagauzia • Galicia • Galápagos Islands • Gilgit–Baltistan • Gorno-Badakhshan • Guangxi • Ingushetia • Inner Mongolia • Kabardino-Balkaria • Kalmykia • Karachay-Cherkessia • Karakalpakstan • Karelia • Khakassia • Komi • Kurdistan (Iraqi) • Madeira • Mari El • Muslim Mindanao • Mordovia • Nakhichevan • Navarre • Nevis • Ningxia • North Ossetia – Alania • Northern Ireland • Nunatsiavut • Quebec • Saba • Sakha • Sardinia • Scotland • Sicily • Sindh • Sint Eustatius • Srpska • Tibet • Tłı̨chǫ • Trentino-Alto Adige • Tuva • Udmurtia • Vojvodina • Wales • Wallonia • Xinjiang • Zanzibar

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Former dependencies and overseas territories
Netherlands Antilles

Former disputed territories
Tamil Eelam