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Hello! My name is Jakub Hałun and I'm a Wikipedian from Kraków.

Attribution (for External Users)

If you wish to use my photographs on your website or in any other publication, please credit them with my full name: Jakub Hałun.


  • Photo Credit: Jakub Hałun
  • Photo by Jakub Hałun

Derivative Works and Modifications (Guidelines for Commons Editors)

While I greatly appreciate minor adjustments made to my photographs, especially those uploaded in earlier years when my editing skills were not as refined, I request significant modifications to be uploaded as derivative works under a new name. Naturally, crediting me as the original author is essential.

I reserve the right to retract modifications that are too extensive. By this, I mean significant changes in framing, heavy alterations in lighting (e.g., shadow removal), or altering the white balance to imply the photo was taken at a different time of day.