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When you want to show the wiki code for anything in line in a comment you can simply use the nowiki pair like this:

  • <nowiki>{{own}}</nowiki> displays as {{own}}

To add a suitable markup wrap it in code tags like this:

  • <code><nowiki>{{own}}</nowiki></code> displays as {{own}}

You can access those snippets via the the “Edittools” of the enhanced editing toolbar (option “Enable enhanced editing toolbar” in your preferences).

For the special case of showing a template, you can use the special template {{tl}} (that is "tee ell") like this:

  • {{tl|own}} displays as {{own}}
  • {{tl|PD-self}} displays as {{PD-self}}

The second way of displaying a template has the advantage that it provides a link to the template. It has several near synonyms, but the one will do for most of us. Note that I have used the <big> markup in four places above for readability -- it is not part of nowiki or {{tl}}.