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Jan Ainali
Chief Executive Officer, Wikimedia Sverige
Education is the silver bullet to all of the world's problems. Humanity has seen maybe three or four Einstein-level brains in the past century, and all of them were from first-world countries. How many geniuses have we missed because they had the misfortune to be born poor on the streets of Mumbai?

The cure for cancer may very well be locked inside the brain of an impoverished child in Bangladesh. We can educate her - show her a bigger world. If we show her the way, she will make her mind known to us.

With access to free knowledge, we can cure diseases. We can develop better space programs. Free knowledge infects the brain and roots out intolerance. It ends oppression: the only way to oppress a people is to keep them ignorant.

Brandon Harris, Senior designer, Wikimedia Foundation
Jan Ainali

About me

I believe in a world where we share our knowledge and where ideas can grow in a creative and thoughtful environment.

My work

As the CEO of Wikimedia Sverige my responsibility is to make the employees flourish. I will give them the confidence to be bold.

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