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Catalogue of Greek vases exhibited at the Louvre Museum

  • BF: black-figure
  • RF: red-figure
  • WG: white-ground
  • (e): eponymous vase
  • (k): kalos inscription
  • (s) : signature

Work in progress

Accession number Type Attribution Description
A 318 Wild goat style oinochoe _ Fantastic animals
A 325 Wild goat style oinochoe _ Duck
A 331 Vroulia cup _ _
A 333 Fikellura amphoriskos _ _
A 334 Fikellura amphoriskos _ _
A 335 Orientalizing pixis _ Birds
A 486 Laconian globular aryballos _ _
A 508 Late Geometric cup-strainer _ Meander
A 512 Late Geometric amphora Workshop of Athens 897 Meander
A 517 Late Geometric krater Dipylon Master Prothesis scene
A 522 Late Geometric fragment A519 Painter Battle scenes
A 547 Late Geometric krater Dipylon Master Prothesis scene
A 566 Late Attic Geometric hydria _ _
A 571 Orientalizing cup _ Birds
A 572 Orientalizing cup _ Birds
A 574 Boeotian Geometric hydria _ _
CA 255 BF pinax Burgon Group Prothesis scene
CA 452 Corinthian pinax _ Poseidon
CA 545 WG BF lekythos Edinburgh Painter Ajax Telamonios and Odysseus fighting over Achilles' weapons
CA 482 WG RF lekythos Hesiod Painter Muse and lyre
CA 599 WG BF lekythos Manner of the Bowdoin Painter Artemis pouring a libation
CA 822 BF strainer vase _ Herakles and the Nemean Lion
CA 927 Corinthian exalepitron KX Painter Sirens and animals
CA 928 RF hydria, Kerch style Louvre CA 928 Group (e) Aphrodite and Eros
CA 987 Janiform aryballos Skythes (potter), Epilykos class Negro head and woman's head (k)
CA 1339 BF kantharos _ Sphinxes
CA 1341 RF bell-krater _ Scylla
CA 1585 RF kylix Pamphaios (potter) Cottabos player
CA 1629 Middle Corinthian plate Chimera Painter Bearded siren
CA 1679 RF lebes gamikos Painter of Athens 1454 Adonia
CA 1727 RF squat lekythos _ Women and Eros
CA 1737 Owl-shaped protocorinthian aryballos _
CA 1787 Late Corinthian oenochoe _ Palmettes
CA 1798 RF bobbin Painter of London D 12 Eros
CA 1802 BF lekythos _ Dolon
CA 1814 Middle Geometric jug _ _
CA 1817 Orientalizing pyxis _ Birds
CA 1840 Orientalizing lid Vulture Painter Vultures
CA 1892 RF amphoriskos Worst Painter Youth and woman
CA 1920 WG BF alabastron Pasiades (potter) (s), Group of the Paidikos Alabastra
CA 1960 Protoattic loutrophoros Analatos Painter _
CA 1987 Late Geometric kantharos _ Centaurs
CA 1989-CA 2183 RF aryballos Clinic Painter (e) Medecine scene
CA 2220 RF lekythos Muse
CA 2254 BF lekythos Class of Athens 581 Theseus and the Minotaur
CA 2512 BF Droop cup _ _
CA 2569 BF plate _ Thetis and Peleus
CA 2575 BF WG lekythos Triptolemus Painter Women
CA 2578 BF amphoriskos _ Animals and siren
CA 2890 Orientalizing plate _ Dog
CA 2919 Protocorinthian aryballos _ Horses and owl
CA 2981 RF amphora Berlin Painter Dionysos
CA 2999 Late Geometric Attic oinochoe _ Horses at trough
CA 3059 BF lekane Polos Painter Sirens
CA 3096 BF kylix _ Pederastic courtship
CA 3131 Black-glaze plemochoe _ _
CA 3309 BF kyathos _ Dionysos and a maenad
CA 3329 BF Dejanira lekythos _ Komos scene
CA 3352 Corinthian kothon _ _
CA 3476 Middle Geometric oinochoe _ Meander
CA 3482 RF volute-krater Painter of the Woolly Satyrs Actaeon
CA 3662 RF dish Oltos Athena, Enceladus
CA 3822 Corinthian skyphos Birds
CA 3883 Orientalizing oinochoe _ Birds
CA 4061 Lydion _ _
CA 4507 Protocorinthian aryballos _ Hounds
CA 6020 Early Geometric pointed pyxis _ Meander
CA 6121 Black-glaze kantharos _ _
CA 7318 BF amphora Manner of the Princeton Painter Herakles fighting the Lernaean Hydra
CA 9130 Late Geometric jug _ Birds
Cp 513 & Cp202 Black-glaze lekanis and lid _ _
Cp 3555 RF donkey rhyton _ Dionysos and maenad
Cp 3561 RF donkey rhyton Painter of Brussels R 330 Musician
Cp 3700 RF plastic oinochoe Class of Louvre H 62 (e) Black man's head
Cp 10475 Proto-Corinthian olpe _ Animals and sphinxes
Cp 11243 BF dinos _ Animals
D 100 Corinthian skyphos _ _
D 115 Orientalizing askos _ _
E 367 Corinthian pyxis _ Lotus buds
E 383 Protocorinthian aryballos _ Goat and bull
E 626 Corinthian column-krater _ Fight and riders
E 636 BF column-krater Hippolyte Painter Battle about the body of Hippolyte
E 647 Corinthian olpe _ Riders
E 655 BF krater _ Komastes
E 668 Laconian BF cup Naucratis Painter Zeus with eagle
E 669 Laconian BF cup Rider Painter Achilles ambushing Troilos
E 670 Laconian BF cup Naucratis Painter Calydonian hunt
E 673 BF Kassel cup _ _
E 677 BF column-krater Manner of Lydos Hinds grazing
E 718 BF lekythos Amasis Painter Sphinx
E 735 BF hydria Kleimachos (potter) Hoplites
E 742 BF komos cup KY Painter Komos scene
E 796 BF neck-amphora Group of the Leipzig amphora animals
E 801 BF neck-amphora Group of the Leipzig Amphora Riders and runner
E 804 BF hydria Lydos Warrior's departure
E 812 BF amphora Polyphemus Group Riders
E 841 BF amphora Pointed Nose Painter Komos scene
E 850 BF amphora Castellani Painter Sacrifice scene
E 869 BF hydria _ Achilles' armament
ED 294 Black-glaze glaux skyphos _ _
ED 524 Black-glaze salt cellar _ _
ED 1094 Saint-Valentine skyphos _ _
Elé 357 Corinthian globular aryballos _ Hoplites
F 12 BF amphora Manner of the Princeton Painter Warrior's departure
F 20 BF neck-amphora The Affecter Pederastic courtship
F 26 BF amphora Amasis Painter Warriors and youths
F 27 BF amphora The Affecter Warrior's departure
F22 The Affecter BF neck-amphora Warrior's departure
F 30 BF olpe Amasis, Amasis Painter Herakles entering Olympus
F 33 BF amphora Group of London B 174 Theseus and Minotaur
F 36 bis BF amphora Exekias, Towry Whyte Painter Dionysos and maenads
F 43 BF hydria Ready Painter Courting scene
F 51 Louvre F 51 Painter (e) Pederastic courtship
F 53 BF amphora E Group Herakles fighting Geryon
F 55 BF amphora E Group Herakles fighting Geryon
F 60 BF neck-amphora Swing Painter (e) Woman on a swing
F 67 BF Siana cup _ Boxers
F 75 BF band cup Amasis, Amasis Painter Dionysos, Ariadne, satyrs and maenads
F 83 BF kylix _ Inscription
F 85 bis BF kylix _ Pederastic erotic scene
F 99 BF Nikosthenic amphora Related to the BMN Painter King enthroned
F 111 BF Nikosthenic amphora Nikosthenes, N Painter Amazonomachy
F 116 BF oinochoe Nicosthenes, Painter of Louvre F117 Herakles in Mount Olympus
F 201 BF neck-amphora Antimenes Painter Ajax carrying the dead Achilles
F 203 white-figure amphora Andokides (s), Andokides Painter Women bathing
F 218 BF amphora _ Herakles fighting against the Amazons
F 222 BF amphora Class of Cambridge 49 Priam killed by Neoptolemus
F 226 BF neck-amphora Swing Painter Poseidon and Polybotes
F 234 bis BF amphora _ Herakles capturing the Ceryneian Hind
F 287 BF hydria _ Judgement of Paris
F 290 BF hydria Euphiletos Painter Ajax and Achilles playing dice
F 319 BF psykter Manner of the Antimenes Painter Warrior's departure
F 340 BF oinochoe Taleides Painter Dispute between Ajax and Odysseus for Achilles' armour
F 341 BF oinochoe Taleides Painter Dispute of Herakles and Apollo for the Delphic tripod
F 455 BF lekythos _ Herakles and the Cretan Bull
F 358 BF lekythos _ Advertising inscription
F 475 BF mastos _ Herakles and the Cretan Bull
G 7 RF kylix Epictetos Palaestra scene
G 13 RF kylix Pedieus Painter Banquet scene
G 30 RF pointed amphora Euphronios (s) Banquet scene
G 33 RF calyx-krater Euphronios (painter), Euxitheos (potter) Dionysos, thiasus
G 34 RF kylix Euphronios Satyr, maenad
G 41 RF hydria Pioneer Group Hermes, Dionysos, Ariadne and Poseidon
G 43 RF stamnos Smicros Dionysos
G 51 RF kalpis Near the Dikaios Painter Komos scenes
G 65 RF pelike Pioneer Group Thetis, Peleus
G 98 RF kylix Manner of the Euergides Painter Banquet scene (k)
G 99 RF kylix Group of Louvre G99 (e) Couple in a cloak
G 104 RF kylix Euphronios (painter), Onesimos (potter) Theseus
G 105 RF kylix Euphronios (painter), Onesimos (potter) Riding scenes (k)
G 106 RF neck-amphora Euphronios Scythians
G 111 RF kylix Kleomelos Painter Discobolus (k)
G 115 RF kylix Douris (painter), Kalliades (potter) Memnon pietà (k)
G 121 RF kylix Python (potter), Douris (painter) Pederastic scene
F 129 RF kylix Skythes Komast (k)
G 133 RF kylix Cage Painter Banquet scene (k)
G 135 Colmar Painter RF kylix Banquet scene
G 149 RF kylix Macron Libation scene
G 151 RF kylix Brygos (s), Briseis Painter Apollo, Artemis
G 153 RF kylix Tarquinia Painter Achilles keeping Hector's corpse
G 160 RF kylix Macron Maenad
G 175 RF krater Berlin Painter Zeus, Ganymede
G 180 RF stamnos Sirens Painter Struggle between Herakles and Apollo for the Delphic tripod
G 192 RF stamnos Berlin Painter Heracles strangling snakes
G 209 RF amphora Oionocles Painter Hades
G 210 RF amphora Oionocles Painter Herakles and Syleus
G 211 RF amphora Charmides Painter Eros
G 213 RF neck-amphora Tithonos Painter Nestor, Antilochus
G 216 RF neck-amphora Providence Painter Swordsman
G 234 RF pelike Geras Painter Herakles and Geras
G 235 RF pelike Kleophrades Painter Athletes
G 242 RF olpe Near the Kleophrades Painter Athletes
G 243 RF oinochoe Painter of the Brussels Oinochoes Javelin thrower
G 264 RF kylix Hieron (potter), Macron (painter) Embassy to Achilles
G 278 RF kylix Briseis Painter Erastes and eromenos kissing
G 292 RF kylix Manner of the Antiphon Painter Discobolus
G 367 RF column-krater Painter of the Louvre Centauromachy (e) Centauromachy
G 368 RF krater Painter of the Yale Oinochoe Triptolemus
G 373 RF pelike Manner of the Leningrad Painter Thetis, Peleus
G 375 RF pelike Polygnotos Apollo, Tityos
G 402 RF oinochoe Kraipale Painter Sacrifice (k)
G 407 RF stamnos Eupolis Painter Dionysiac cult
G 112 RF kylix Epidromos Painter Sacrifice (k)
G 413 RF stamnos Hermonax Philoctetes' abandonment
G 416 RF stamnos Hermonax Orpheus' death
G 417 RF stamnos Menelaus Painter Oedipus and the sphinx
G 423 RF bell-shaped krater Theseus and woman
G 424 RF krater Menelaus Painter (e) Menelaus retrieving Helen
G 434 RF pelike _ Dionysos fighting a Giant
G 438 RF oinochoe Achilles Painter Tithonos, Eos
G 442 RF oinochoe Mannheim Painter Polynices and Eriphyle
G 445 RF lekanis _ Pentheus' death
G 447 RF askos _ Pegasus, Chimera
G 515 RF bell-krater Bendis Painter, Group of the Long Overfalls Artemis Bendis
G 452 RF kylix Aberdeen Painter Triptolemis and Korê
G 457 RF kylix Eretria Painter Palaestra scene
G 458 RF kylix Codros Painter Ajax the Lesser raping Cassandra
G 467 RF kylix Euaion Painter Banquet scene
G 493 Apulian RF bell-krater Sisyphus Painter Warrior, Nike
G 496 RF krater Pothos Painter Sacrifice scene
G 502 RF bell-krater _ Nike crowning an athlete
G 535 RF pelike Barclay Painter Bellerophon
G 547 RF pelike Pan Painter Women washing clothes
G 639 RF kylix Meleager Painter Athletes
K 5 Campanian RF krater Painter of the Louvre Sacrifice (e) Sacrifice
K 240 Paestan RF bell-krater Painter of Louvre K240 (e) Dionysos and thiasus
K 244 Paestan RF bell-krater Python Phlyax actor
K 320 RF Apulian oinochoe Wind group Aegisthus' death
K 404 RF Campanian krater Group of British Museum F 63 Orestes and Pylades in Tauris
K 491 Campanian RF skythos Painter of Louvre K491 (e) Youth and woman
L 31 WG BF lekythos Diosphos Painter Heracles fighting the Nemean Lion
L 48 Corinthian olpe _ Horse protomes
L 55 RF pyxis Wedding Painter Peleus and Thetis
L 103 WG RF lekythos Woman Painter Woman before a grave
MNB 626 BF plate Painter of Louvre MNB 626 (e) Siren
MNB 905 BF pinax Sappho Painter Prothesis scene
MNB 911 WG lekythos Workshop of the Diosphos Painter Ajax and Achilles playing dice
MNE 964 RF Lucanian oinochoe Pisticci Painter, Cyclops Painter (?) Athletes
MNB 1320 BF acorn-lekythos Manner of the Meidias Painter Women, Eros and Aphrodite
MNB 2109 Aison RF squat lekythos Adonis, Aphrodite
MNE 938 BF krater-psykter Circle of the Antimenes Painter Dionysos and thiasus, warrior's departure
MNB 2030 Protocorinthian skyphos _ Winged genius and animals
MNB 2037 Middle Corinthian phiale _ _
MNB 2044 Protocorinthian ring-shaped aryballos _ _
MNB 2858 Corinthian pinax _ Potter's workshop
MNC 208 BF pinax _ Amphitrite
N 3357 RF oinochoe Fat Boy Group Lampadedromia
S 1836 BF Hermogenes skyphos Group of Rhodes 11941 Animals