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See my English Wikipedia userpage for more about me.

I hate MediaWiki. Why? Because it insists on capitalizing the first letter of all usernames. When referring to me, I prefer that my username be all lowercase.

I use this same username (with the "J" decapitalized) on many other sites, including Flickr (proof: [1] [2]). I am also Master Jonathan on Wookieepedia ([3] [4]).

Please note: If you want to use one of my Flickr photos, please note that my profile page there releases all of my photos under all versions of the CC-BY-SA license, not just the 2.0 version displayed on the photo page. To that end, it would be appreciated if you would add those license versions (using {{Cc-by-sa-3.0,2.5,2.0,1.0}}) when uploading my photos. Be sure to link to my Flickr profile page in the permission field so that admins can verify the licensing. Attributing to my full real name (Jonathan Goble) and notifying me on my talk page are also appreciated. Thanks. (The old notice about asking me for the full-resolution photos is no longer applicable since I have upgraded my Flickr account to Pro, giving everyone access to the original files.)

Search for my Flickr photos: [5]

Upload template for my photos: User:Jcgoble3/uploadtemplate

Gallery of my photos[edit]