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English: Media uploaded in 2011 and made with the support of Wikimédia France.
Français : Médias versés en 2011 et réalisés avec le soutien de Wikimédia France.


Total: 6671 files


SELECT /* SLOW_OK */ DISTINCT img_user_text AS user, COUNT(image.img_name) as count FROM image, page, categorylinks WHERE page.page_id=categorylinks.cl_from AND image.img_name = page.page_title AND .categorylinks.cl_to = "All_medias_supported_by_Wikimedia_France" AND img_timestamp BETWEEN 20110101000000 AND 20120101000000 GROUP BY user ORDER BY count DESC;

43 uploaders:

Total: 6679 files


  • Average size: 10,153,133.3360
  • Average width: 4,230.1412
  • Average height: 3,510.5074


SELECT /* SLOW_OK */ COUNT(DISTINCT page_title) as FilesUsed, COUNT(gil_wiki) AS Uses, COUNT(DISTINCT gil_wiki) AS NbWikis
    FROM page
        JOIN categorylinks
        JOIN globalimagelinks
        JOIN image ON image.img_name = page.page_title
    WHERE page.page_id=categorylinks.cl_from
        AND gil_page_namespace_id = 0 AND (gil_wiki!='metawiki')
        AND gil_to = page_title
        AND categorylinks.cl_to = "All_medias_supported_by_Wikimedia_France"
        AND img_timestamp BETWEEN 20110101000000 AND 20120101000000;
  • Number of files used: 1374
  • Nmber of usages: 102446
  • Number of wikis: 226