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selfie taken March 2018 at Roman Odeon, Taormina constructed in 21 B.C.

Hello to anyone who stops by to look at this page. I hope you enjoy my photos. I am originally from Los Angeles,California but have lived in England, Ireland and for the past three decades, Italy. I love history, old buildings and medieval villages therefore living in Sicily provides me with a wealth of interesting places, striking landscapes, ancient ruins, castles and churches to visit, explore and photograph. My favourite Italian city is Taranto, in particular the Citta Vecchia.

I am also a Wikipedia editor and have created over the past decade 300 plus articles mainly about Northern Irish loyalist paramilitaries and medieval heiresses.

My other hobbies include dancing (in particular 70s & 80s disco) reading, and doll collecting. I also enjoy swimming at the beach, exploring mysterious murky sea grottos, travelling, listening to a variety of music and going out for a beer and long, moody walks along the seafront at night.

The only camera I use is my trusty Huawei cell phone.