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Introduction I am an automotive enthusiast that was born in Taiwan and is currently working in Mainland China. The username comes originally as a persona of some project I did in college and has nothing to do with my actual name.

Why Am I Doing This I started to upload photos simply because of my need for creating and editing on Wikipedia, and I started simply because back in the days when I wanted to know more about the history of Taiwanese automotive industry, there's close to nothing on the site. The same happened again when I started to work in Mainland China.

About The Stuff That I Do The lack of photos of Chinese cars on Wikipedia has also been an on-going issue, so despite my inferior photography skills, when I have a chance, I'd still grab a picture, and hopefully my skills would get better. However if my photos fail to satisfy, do feel free to find and upload a better image of the exact same vehicle model. My thoughts of doing this is that a bad photo is still better then none, and hopefully all the hideous photos taken by me could be replaced by better ones.

P.S.- It would be best if all cars could have a complete set of front quarter, rear quarter, and side view images, and best in complete stock and undamaged state while no factory protections are still left unpeeled.

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