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Photographs taken by me[edit]


Commons: Featured (FP Award) and Quality (QI seal) Images.

Wind Point Lighthouse 071104.jpg Highland Park Metra 070915.jpg
FP AwardQI seal Wind Point Lighthouse QI seal Highland Park Metra station
Picture of the day on 28 January 2007 State Street Bridge 060415.jpg
QI seal McCormick Tribune Campus Center QI seal State Street Bridge
USCGS-E134.jpg Resources of Wisconsin.jpg
QI seal Bench Mark disk QI seal The Resources of Wisconsin
Argyle CTA 071209.jpg Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church 071215.jpg
QI seal Argyle station on the CTA Red Line QI seal Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Cathedral
Sedgwick CTA 080101.jpg Our Lady of Sorrows 080202.jpg
QI seal Sedgwick station on the CTA Brown Line QI seal Our Lady of Sorrows Basilica
Merchandise Mart 080405.jpg Mineral Point High Street 20100829.jpg
QI seal Merchandise Mart QI seal High Street, Mineral Point, Wisconsin
Pendarvis House 20100829.jpg Glencoe Metra Station 20120722.jpg
QI seal Pendarvis House (left) and Trelawny House (right) at the Pendarvis Historic Site QI seal Glencoe Metra Station, Glencoe, Illinois

Chicago (and metro area)[edit]

Memphis, Tennessee[edit]



Non-photographic images created by me[edit]