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Hello, i am jiawhein in wikipedia and this is the big wiki. But jiawhein does not exist in youtube. I am the *STPs

porn chess:

MY username are same in wikipedia and i am creating intj wars, lol, the chesses are the intjs. i like intj... one of the god tier. i percieves, back to the point, so are estps, intps, and entps. This consepts are not thinked by me altough i have some feeling and thinkings, in my conclusions the idealists are in the shit tier, includes enfjs, infjs, infps, and istjs... i does not think that istjs deserved to be the tier... istj are better... i think... now, then the guardians are in the mid tier... includes, estjs, istps, enfps, and isfjs... the artisians are the high tier, bekos are isfps, esfps, esfjs, and entjs. but the entjs consumes souls thus danger! and the god tier are the rationals tough i do not hink that they deserve it... but no choice. i hope you like this conclude. sorry for any offenses.