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Hello there,

As everyone might guess, my real name is n o t Jimmykreislauf. As a matter of fact, a late friend of mine has invented it during my teenage days, possibly also referring to our mutual admiration of Led Zeppelin guitarist James ('Jimmy') Patrick Page. Nowadays it comes in handy as a working pseudonym on Wikipedia and the affiliated projects.

Be it as it is, I shall be using Wikimedia to share with the community - YOU - some of the photos that I have taken over the last 45 odd years. My policy will be to avoid uploading pictures with no or little relevance, as it is unfortunaltely often done in the digital age.

Primarily my intention is to scan my large inventory of slides and black and white negatives that have accumulated since the mid-1970ies, when I started to capture changes in my native German hometown Offenburg. However, contributions will also extend into the field of aviation and Federal German Navy motives, both areas where I had hands-on access as a pilot and former naval officer.

When working on the old photographs from the pre-digital age, it never ceases to amaze me that despite having used top-notch cameras, lenses and films, digital photography is so much better nowadays.