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Name Jin Zan
Born 3 January 1988
Origin Sweden
Mother tongue English, Swedish
Occupation photographer, illustrator, encyclopedian (Wikipedia, Fandom)
Work platforms camera, Gimp, Paint, Word, SL, Windows 10

My name is Jin Zan and I am a photographer, illustrator and encyclopedian. I contribute on Wikimedia Commons for the cause of history and art. I photograph a variety of things, i.e. the city where I live in; Malmo, to contribute with its history, and various things found in nature and at home. The pictures that I create are often in the subject languages and writing systems.

Me in my shape-shifted form.

I have been into photography since 2006 and it has also been part of my media education in secondary school. Among the works were e.g. photographing (mostly outside), photographic processing, as well as picture editing. Furthermore, I, together with other students, have also held a photography exhibition in a museum (a minor one), something that is not very common.

Where I live as an Asian dragon in Italy.

As part of my interests, I speak a couple of languages. Beside my mother tongues English and Swedish, I speak intermediate Latin, simple Spanish, Italian and Japanese, and a little ancient and modern Greek and Chinese (mandarin). I also speak a little fictional languages, i.e. quenya, sindarin and Ancient.

I've been a member on Wikimedia Commons since the summer of 2012.

Example works[edit]