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Here are some representative samples of my work.

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upload count as of September 2023: 62,306.

Archival uploads[edit]

I mostly upload my own photos; somewhere under ten percent of my uploads are either public domain material or from sources such as the Seattle Municipal Archives that free-license interesting photos. Here are some examples of my uploads of other people's work.

Seattle and the Orient[edit]

I uploaded and annotated the contents of a rather remarkable 1900 booklet called Seattle and the Orient. Amazing stuff (although the "and the Orient" in the title is mostly a business pitch.)

Other old Seattle stuff[edit]

The Seattle Room at the Seattle Public Library is an another great resource. Among the many things I've found there are:

And from some other sources...

Olaf E. Caskin[edit]

Looking through the 1909 Tyee (University of Washington yearbook), I came across some wonderful cartoons and drawings by a man named Olaf E. Caskin, who I gather remained in Seattle and worked mainly as a commercial lithographer. I've uploaded a number of them in Category:Olaf E. Caskin illustrations in 1909 Tyee. Here are a few of the best. And remember, this is 1909: years before Will Eisner.

Major annotation[edit]

Not always my own uploads, but I've been heavily annotating some old Seattle views, mostly street scenes; you'll have to click through to see the annotations, though:

Archival panoramas[edit]

The great Asahel Curtis, who worked mostly in and around Seattle in the early 20th century, often took multiple photos from the same spot to give the sense of a place. I've been stitching these together into panoramas:

New Western Hotel, 817 3rd Ave at Columbia Street
Moran Brothers Shipyard, Seattle, showing machine shop and battleship shed.
Seattle from Centennial Mill, 1902
Fremont district and north end of Lake Union from Queen Anne Hill, 1902
Intersection of Columbia St. and Summit Ave., First Hill, c. 1903. This would now be somewhere in the middle of Swedish Medical Center First Hill.
Green Lake neighborhood and lake, circa 1903
Intersection of Boylston Ave E and E Mercer St, Capitol Hill, c. 1903
Stimson Mill, Ballard (still an independent town at the time), 1904.
Ballard from Queen Anne Hill, c. 1904
Galbraith, Bacon & Co Wall Street Dock and warehouse, with sailing ships in background, 1906
Green Lake and Greenlake neighborhood, Seattle, 1906
Brooklyn District (Latona & University District), c. 1906
"The last of Denny Hill", Aug 20, 1907
Columbia City, 1908
Moran Bros Co shipyard, Railroad Ave. S near S Charles St., 1908
Pleasant Valley, Magnolia district, Seattle, 1909
Bolcom Mills, Ballard, 1910
Tacoma manufacturing district and tide flats, 1912
Seattle from Post Street powerhouse, February 23, 1913
Seattle from Beacon Hill, 1914
Empire Addition, vicinity of S Orcas St, 1916
Seattle waterfront and Railroad Ave (Alaskan Way) at foot of Wall St., 1916
Ballard Locks (Hiram M. Chittenden Locks), 1917
Seattle harbor and shipyards, including Harbor Island, from the south, 1919

One by Frank H. Nowell, official photographer of the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition (Seattle, 1909):

Court of Honor, Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition (Seattle, 1909) faturing Geyser Basin & Manufactures Building. Left to right: A tiny bit of the U.S. Government Building is visible, with the cupola of the University of Washington Building now known as Denny Hall peeking out over it; then Hawaii Building, Oriental Building, Manufactures Building, King County Building, Machinery Hall. Statue of an ox visible in front of south (righthand) portico of Manufactures Building.

And one by Wilhelm Hester:

Wilhelm Hester panorama of Great Northern Railway Ocean Dock, Smith's Cove, Seattle, Washington