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Here are some representative samples of my work.

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My current upload count: 47777.

Archival uploads[edit]

I mostly upload my own photos; somewhere under ten percent of my uploads are either public domain material or from sources such as the Seattle Municipal Archives that free-license interesting photos. Here are some examples of my uploads of other people's work.

Seattle and the Orient[edit]

I uploaded and annotated the contents of a rather remarkable 1900 booklet called Seattle and the Orient. Amazing stuff (although the "and the Orient" in the title is mostly a business pitch.)

Other old Seattle stuff[edit]

The Seattle Room at the Seattle Public Library is an another great resource. Among the many things I've found there are:

And from some other sources...

Olaf E. Caskin[edit]

Looking through the 1909 Tyee (University of Washington yearbook), I came across some wonderful cartoons and drawings by a man named Olaf E. Caskin, who I gather remained in Seattle and worked mainly as a commercial lithographer. I've uploaded a number of them in Category:Olaf E. Caskin illustrations in 1909 Tyee. Here are a few of the best. And remember, this is 1909: years before Will Eisner.