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My English Wikipedia home page is en:User:Jmabel. I get notifications of changes to my user talk page on both the English Wikipedia and Commons, so it reaches me; you can also {{Ping}} or email me with the "email this user" feature (which does require that you open an account and provide your own email address to Wikimedia Foundation; you don't have to enable the "Email this user" feature for your own account).

I am an administrator on Commons (and have been since 25 November 2009). However, I try not to spend a lot of my time here on narrowly administrative tasks.

As of December 2020 I have largely retired from the software industry and am returning for the first time since the 1980s to being a professional musician. I am proud to announce the Weill Project, dedicated to the music of Kurt Weill.

As before, I remain available as a Seattle-based artist and photographer:

I also remain available for short-term consulting on software development projects ( and especially for consultations on user experience.

Current count of my "top uploads" (distinct files, not overwritten) on Commons: 54001. That's a lot of photos. As of January 2019, over 10,000 of them are in use in Wikipedia and over 1750 in Wikidata. Here are some links to representative examples:

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Please note: All of my photos here should be some variant of CC-BY-SA (and the older ones under GFDL as well, but it's come to be apparent that is not very useful for photos). Some (mostly photos of people from early on) are also licensed under CC-BY-2.5. For non-commercial uses that cannot use those licenses, I'll almost always be willing to let you use my photos if I get an appropriate photo credit, but please contact me and ask.

Photo used in Joyce Anastasia's Seeding Change

If your use is commercial and does not conform to GFDL, CC-BY-SA, or other license I have explicitly granted, please do contact me, and I'm sure we can reach a reasonable licensing agreement suitable to your needs.

Among the places my photographs have appeared are the book National Geographic Traveler Romania, Clipper Vacations Magazine, Architectural Glass Concepts (AGC magazine), Haaretz,, the film Seeding Change: Participant Persectives (2008), directed by Joyce Anastasia, and as the front cover of a University of Washington course catalog. Apparently, one of my photos appeared in a 2011 French book on fire boats of the world, which I've never seen. And I quite like this music video, which sets its mood with my photo of Wesleyan University's Russell House at night.

Useful tool for monitor calibration[edit]

I find this very useful & recommend it highly. Wikipedia:Featured picture candidates#Is my monitor calibrated correctly?

Tool for mass rename[edit]

User:Jeff G./massrename

Note on uploading video from Flickr[edit]

Uploading video from Flickr is much trickier than uploading still photos. Basically, this is the best I've been able to work out. Credit to User:Sanandros for hints.

  1. Use Firefox extension DownloadHelper to download from Flickr to your own system.
  2. Use Firefox extension FireFogg to convert this to Theora-Ogg Vorbis (.ogv) format.
  3. Upload that in the normal manner. Make sure you indicate the source on Flickr.
  4. Tag the image with {{Flickrreview}}. If you are an admin or have review privileges, you can fill out that template.

When you are using geocoordinates[edit]

This guide from xkcd is useful in terms of how much precision makes sense.


I've set up hidden category Category:Jmabel researching so I can find a few images where I am skeptical about descriptions as they stand, but don't have the info to just make corrections. - Jmabel ! talk 22:19, 8 September 2022 (UTC)